BAMbassador – Andrew Newby

BAMbassador - Andrew Newby
BAMbassador - Andrew Newby
BAMbassador - Andrew Newby

Andrew Newby was born to cycle and loves nothing more than being out on his bike. He currently races for a national road racing team, Langsett RT. He started out racing his bike against the clock, time trialling, but since then has been stamping his authority in the peloton in bunch races. He specifically enjoys the fast paced criterium races usually held through tight city centre streets.

Andrew has been racing his bike for the last 10 years, starting out in downhill mountain biking, a little bit of cross country and eventually finding his niche in road cycling. 2015 has been his best season so far, he has not had a result outside the top 5, mostly finishing on the podium.

His big goal is to progress up through the national ranks, and he hopes to gain his 1st category race licence soon and start to complete against the elite racers in the national series.

Andrew is currently sporting a number of Bamboo clothing essentials such as our Bamboo long sleeved tops, Bamboo sweaters, active socks and Bamboo Training Leggings as well as our classic briefs and sport trunks. 

We interviewed Andrew to find out more:

Your secret skill or talent?

Not many people know that I taught myself to play the didgeridoo. Circular breathing is harder than you think!

What would you have chosen as your dream job?

My dream job would be presenting a TV show like Grand Designs.

What are your other interests?

When I’m off the bike I’m usually up a ladder doing some kind of DIY.

If you won the lottery what would you do?

Buy an old battered yacht and spend my time working on it.

If you could be a super hero who would you be? What special powers?

Easy… Captain America, I’ve always loved a bit of frisbee.

Your most embarrassing moment?

Crashing a brand new demo bike 5 mins after leaving the shop. Second most embarrassing moment, trying to explain that it wasn’t my fault to the shop owner in front of a large queue of riders.

If you were to live in another country where would you pick?

I’d like to live in a boat off the coast of the Maldives. Occasionally I’d come ashore to ride my bike!

Your favourite drink?

Where would I be without coffee!?

Favourite film?


First car?

VW Corrado.

Top destination?

The cycling in the Dolomites is amazing.

What would you cook as your signature dish?

Nut Roast.

Favourite item of Bamboo Clothing?


Indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors, of course!

Starter or pudding?

Starter… unless there’s a cheese board on offer!

Hot or Cold Holiday?

Always hot.