BAMbassador – Andy Reid

BAMbassador - Andy Reid

In 2009, whilst on patrol with 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan, Andy stood on a pressure plate IED. As a result of the explosion, he lost his right leg below the knee, left leg above the knee, and right arm.

After being flown back to the UK, Andy astounded people with his recovery by spending only 2 weeks in hospital. However before he could go home there was an urgent need for it to be made wheelchair accessible and received great support from the ABF charity. Andy won The Sun’s Millie Award for Overcoming Adversity in 2010 and achieved his next goal marrying his sweetheart Claire in 2011.

Since his injury Andy has devoted his time between different charities including the ABF – The Soldiers Charity and Inspired Life as an ambassador raising much needed funds. He has completed 2 tandem sky dives, run a 10K race as well as cycling and motorcycling challenges. He is an inspirational speaker and motivates others to overome adversity and set new goals.

He wrote his story Standing Tall – The Inspirational Story of a True British Hero which climbed to the top of the book charts. In 2012 Claire and Andy gave birth to their son William and they are embracing life to the full with new charity challenges, business ideas and adventures.

At the moment Andy has a few favourite Bamboo Clothing items such as our Bamboo Hoodies, baselayers, shorts and boxers.

We interviewed Andy to find out more:

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

“The body will achieve what the mind believes”

What bothers you?

Flies bother me can’t stand them. Other than that I am actually quite chilled.

What are you known for?

People know me for overcoming adversity – I seem to get lots of respect as a soldier, and for getting beyond my injury. My spirit has won me various awards and recognition. More recently I am known for helping others and for my charity work.
I am relaxed and laid back don’t get phased by things, I like to see the bigger picture. Lucky I am still here, whether you are Andy McNab or basic recruit you could step on an IED..

What is the big dream?

My son, I don’t want my injuries to affect my son, want him to have the best childhood ever.
I like trying new ventures. There is lots of bad press about leaving the army and I hate that stuff. I have started a new business with a café and bar. Its great to take a punt on new ideas. I find it exciting and motivating. It helps get me out of bed in the morning..

If you were Prime Minister what things would you change?

Definitely try and sort out the homeless situation and those not being looked after.
Kick out half the M.P.’s if they were asleep. If you snooze you lose. Eject them, no if buts or maybe’s. You wouldn’t allow a soldier to fall asleep on duty!

If you won the lottery what would you do?

Help with some of the charities I work with, I am quite stable and happy with life so I would prefer to help those less fortunate and help some people out. No desert islands for me.