BAMbassador – Dave Cornthwaite

BAMbassador - Dave Cornthwaite
BAMbassador - Dave Cornthwaite
BAMbassador - Dave Cornthwaite
BAMbassador - Dave Cornthwaite

Dave Cornthwaite is an adventurer, author and motivational speaker. Since quitting his life as a couch potato in 2005 Dave got busy, so far completing eleven non-motorised journeys each over 1000 miles, including skateboarding across Australia, kayaking the Murray River, paddleboarding the Mississippi and swimming the Lower Missouri. His adventures have also provide new opportunities to learn new skills such as paragliding and piloting a tandem across part of America.

Dave’s enthusiasm for life is inspiring and infectious and his Project 1000 with the goal of achieving 25 journeys of over 1000 miles or more, has engaged a wide audience. He is a prolific ideas man and has written 3 books, entertained audiences on 6 continents, broken 9 world records, made hundreds of short films, and completed countless quirky projects.

One of Dave’s latest initiatives is to inspire others to pursue their dreams through his campaign brilliantly titled SayYesMore.

Dave’s approach to life and track record mirrors BAM’s own journey from a little company to a serious force in performance outdoor and leisure clothing made from Bamboo. On both counts watch this space as we are both only just getting started.

Loving our Bamboo baselayers, boxers and hoodies while on his latest adventure. 

Bamboo Clothing interviewed Dave to find out more:

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

This one is easy, Say Yes More! It’s an opportunity grabbing attitude to life that ensures the most enriching experiences can’t pass us by. We can live a lifetime without challenging ourselves and I think not given yourself a chance to reach your potential is tragic. Every new experience, moment and skill starts with one word, yes.

What would you have chosen as your dream job?

I’m doing it! I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, and now I realise that holding onto youthful enthusiasm is absolutely key to enjoying adulthood. If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing right now, I’d be trying to.

What is the big dream?

I’m working solidly on creating a new normal for our western attitude. A choice to be positive, to live more simply, to buy and need less stuff, and to start revelling in the free things. Adventure is a hugely powerful tool to help us discover our capacity, we have to grab that mindset with both hands and then big things happen.

If you were Prime Minister what things would you change?

I’d reform our education system to project-based. Kids are leaving school without a clue about the real world, how to lead, how to form teams, how to start businesses. It’s incredible. After over a decade of education you’d think some life skills would be included.

If you won the lottery what would you do?

I’d buy a large swathe of woodland and fields in several countries, turning each one into a place for city-livers to go and spend time in nature with a group of positive people. That’s where big, positive personal and cultural decisions are made. Creativity with perspective is crushed in urban areas, it’s time to provide some relief to that (it’s almost like I won the lottery already!).

If you had not followed the path you are on what would you have done instead?

I would have been a world record-breaking computer game player who spent ten hours a day on huge bean bags.

What is your favourite invention and why?

iPhone. Hands down, incredible invention and a portable office that fits into your pocket.