BAMbassador – Nick Ratnarajah

BAMbassador - Nick Ratnarajah
BAMbassador - Nick Ratnarajah
BAMbassador - Nick Ratnarajah

Nick Ratnarajah has been playing squash for 8 years, having started when he was around 11. He played in junior tournaments for just 3 years, during which he earned a national ranking of 32 in the Under 19s. Some of his personal highlights include coming 24th in the English Junior Championships in 2015, and 3rd in the TMG Eindhoven 2014. He’s had to work hard to catch up with the other junior players on the circuit, some of whom have been playing twice as long as he has, and has done well to get to his current ranking.

He is now at Nottingham University studying English, and training with a very strong Uni team. He hopes to make a Premier Squash League (PSL) debut for Air-IT Nottingham, one of the strongest teams in the country, before he leaves University in 3 years’ time, after which he plans to join the Professional Squash Association (PSA), and work his way up the rankings.

In addition to playing squash, he’s recently started trekking (our Bamboo Baselayers came in handy), after having been lucky enough to go to Nicaragua with school on World Challenge in 2013. Over summer in 2015, he went hiking round Jotunheimen in Norway with some friends, and has his sights on Iceland, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and New Zealand in the future (when he’s no longer a student and can actually afford it!)

We interviewed Nick to find out more:

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

Always moving forward

Tell us what makes you tick?

The constant desire to improve, to discover new things and new places, and meet new people. If I’m not moving I’m not happy.

The big dream?

To play squash professionally and work my way to the top.

What are your other interests?

Reading, writing, fitness, food, music.

If you won the lottery what would you do?

Invest some in property and use the rest to fund a business supporting athletes who started playing their chosen sport later than most but who are determined to play at a professional level.

Who inspires you and why?

In sports terms, the Colombian Squash Player Miguel Angel Rodriguez: physically he’s an absolute machine, and he never gives up, resulting in some pretty incredible matches to watch. Otherwise, and I hate writing clichés but it’s the truth, my parents are incredibly selfless, allowing me to continue training and supporting me financially when I need it; it takes a certain kind of person to give up so much just to support someone else’s dream.

Where would you most like to visit on your travels or on an expedition?

Trekking in Iceland, because it looks like an incredible place, or backpacking round Sri Lanka, finding out a bit more about my heritage.

If you were to live in another country, where would you pick?

Norway. It’s so clean, the landscape outside of the cities is both varied and stunning, and I find the history really interesting.

Top of the Bucket List?

A flight using a wing suit

Book or Film?

Book, you can get so much more detail in a book, and it’s entirely up to the reader to picture the scenarios.