BAMbassador – Peter Speight

BAMbassador - Peter Speight

Peter Speight is a member of Team GB and competes on the world circuit in half pipe and freestyle skiing. His journey started aged 4 years old when Peter was introduced to skiing by his mum and dad. He has been competing in half pipe since 2011 which is his main passion and the discipline he loves to push.

As well as half pipe Peter loves big jumps and exploring the back country and enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors with his Bamboo Baselayers. Freeskiing is rewarding to Peter because of the huge variety of ways in which you can perform, and the opportunity to bring his own style. He has not had it all his own way and in 2014 he snapped his ACL ligament in his knee requiring surgery and months of rehab.

Peter is a great BAMbassador pushing his personal boundaries and skills within elite sport and competition. He has overcome injury and balances the difficult priorities of competing and earning a crust.

We interviewed Peter to find out more:

Who inspires you and why?

“People that go out and get it done without shouting too loud or complaining.”

Where would you most like to visit on your travels or on an expedition?

“I’d like to go to Japan, I have never been and the culture would be intriguing, plus there’s lots of snow.”

If you were to live in another country where would you pick?

“Difficult one, I like travelling too much to pick one place forever!”

If you had not followed the path you are on what would you have done instead?

“Difficult question, its hard to see my life doing anything else. I like to think I would have got involved in another sport, maybe a team sport.”

Your secret skill or talent?

“I play grade 8 jazz trumpet! Not a lot of people know that.”

They do now! Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

“I try to live by positivity, happiness, hard work and honesty.”

Tell us what makes you tick?

“I’m motivated to push myself, I must have challenges to set my mind to.”

Your loves?

“My biggest love is freeskiing definitely, theres so many things that make the sport great.”

Top tunes?

“Chilled jazz and hiphop.”

Top destination?

“Wanaka, New Zealand.”

Favourite item of Bamboo Clothing?

“Long Sleeved Contrast Stitch Baselayer.

First job?

“Waiter in a country pub.”

Indoors or outdoors?