BAMbassador – Sam Mould

BAMbassador - Sam Mould
BAMbassador - Sam Mould
BAMbassador - Sam Mould
BAMbassador - Sam Mould

Sam Mould is an adventuring artist, swimmer, physiotherapist, climber, and cyclist. Amongst other adventures; she has cycled unassisted 5,000miles, the length of Europe from the most northerly tip of Norway to the most southerly tip of Spain, she detoured via Arran 1,400miles of the British Isles from Lands End to John O’Groats independently by bike, has trekked extensively in South America, climbed in Europe and cycled solo 1,500miles from London to Venice; all as creative investigations into landscape and our environment.

Most recently she set a world swimming record with a team completing a 19hour and 15’ epic butterfly relay crossing of the English Channel; the first of it’s kind, raising money for Leukeamia and Lymphoma Research.

Sam’s creativity extends into painting, installation art, sculpture and writing. She uses adventure as one way to engage in our environment and landscapes, tracing journeys into memory by trekking through mountains, cycling in the hills and swimming rivers, lakes and seas.

In this manner her work evolves to cherish earth pigments, rocks and water, not only as materials, but to recognize the raw beauty of our wild world. The underlying message is to bring awareness to our fragile natural ecosystems and our relationships to that environment through story telling and art. Hopefully this provides some inspiration for others, especially to women to be active, to create a challenge and to get outdoors.

We interviewed Sam to find out what makes her tick:

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

To hold onto my dreams and make them a reality, because if you can dream it; you can do it. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. There’s no point crying over spilt milk.

What would you have chosen as your dream job?

My dream job is being an artist and sustaining myself as such and I am trying to do it right now.

Tell us what makes you tick?

Being outdoors in the wilds, with the wind whipping around me and the sea tickling my toes.

What bothers you?

Making a promise and failing to keep it.

If you were Prime Minister what things would you change?

Prime Minister is such a responsibility but I would love to hear of tougher restrictions to protect our countryside, lakes, rivers, seas from company’s that don’t respect the environment or whom over fish, over farm the land. I’m also sorely tempted to say free ice-cream for everyone!

If you won the lottery what would you do?

The majority would definitely go to supporting several charities and to setting up a trust to inspire young people to follow their aptitudes and live happy and healthy lives through an outdoor mentorship scheme.

If you could be a superhero who would you be? What special powers?

Superhero would have to be a female version of Thor and definitely include an ability to fly!

Who inspires you and why?

The people that inspire me most are often my patients who with ill health push themselves to the limit in our physiotherapy sessions together and do so with dignity and a smile. It makes me value my health every day that I work as a physiotherapist.

Where would you most like to visit on your travels or on an expedition?

I would like to tour Norway’s mountainous regions for climbing, mountaineering, cycling and swimming.

If you were to win a Nobel Peace what would it be for?

The Nobel Peace prize; goodness gracious I could never hope to achieve such a prize but have the upmost respect for those whom it has been awarded to.

If you were to live in another country where would you pick?

I would choose New Zealand, close to both sea and mountains.

As a time traveller where would you pick, what era and to see who?

I would choose the mid-19th Century and tag along to Marianne North’s solo expeditions around the world as a female traveller in an age where women did not travel alone; she did and painted an enormous collection of botanical work now based at Kew.

Sam has tried a number of Bamboo Clothing items on her travels including our leggings, crop tops, baselayers and hoodies.

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