BAMbassador – Sean Rose

BAMbassador - Sean Rose
BAMbassador - Sean Rose
BAMbassador - Sean Rose
BAMbassador - Sean Rose
BAMbassador - Sean Rose
BAMbassador - Sean Rose
BAMbassador - Sean Rose

Sean Rose suffered a Spinal Cord Injury in a freak accident whilst teaching a group of RAF Pilots to ski in Feb 2000. Since then he’s realised his dreams, surpassed expectations and enjoyed his new life as a wheelie!

World and European Disabled Water Skier Champion, Britains First World Cup Gold medal Downhill Ski racer, Winter XGames medalist, a Double Winter Paralympian (Turin and Vancouver), ParalympicsGB Athlete Ambassador, TV Presenter and Guest Speaker.

Not only is Sean a leading force in the World of Disabled Skiing and Water Skiing but pioneering seated Kite Sports. Designing, developing and testing equipment to allow him and others to Kite Surf, Kite buggy and Snowkite. The latter taking him on a Worlds first adventure to Snowkite 300kms across the largest glacier in Europe (Vatnajokul).

With a lifelong passion for motorbikes. Sean’s recently passed his Private Pilots License and developing a Paramotor Trike to go on expeditions in support of Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation.

We interviewed Sean to find out what makes him tick:

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

If your dreams don’t scare you they aint BIG ENOUGH!

Who would you like to thank?

The piece of snow that tripped me up.

What charities and causes do you most connect with?

Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research, Skiing with Heroes.

What life lessons do you wish to share with others?

Life doesn’t end if you’re in a wheelchair or have other conditions to deal with, it ends if you give up.

Who inspires you and why?

Talented people and anyone pushing the boundaries.

Your most embarrassing moment?

In a busy car park, transferred from my wheelchair to the car and my trousers fell down.

What is your favourite invention and why?

Snowkite rig, takes me to remote places people told me were impossible.

Top tunes?

Insomnia, Faithless – anything banging!

Top of the bucket list?

Kite buggy the Gobi Desert.

What would you cook as your signature dish?

Spicy Spag Bol.

Your best feature?

My bling wheels.

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