BAMbassador – Squash Falconer

BAMbassador - Squash Falconer
BAMbassador - Squash Falconer
BAMbassador - Squash Falconer
BAMbassador - Squash Falconer

Squash Falconer is a mountaineer, paraglider and adventurer who has completed many inspiring journeys and expeditions. Our adventure resume includes summiting Everest and climbing a number of the world’s highest 7 summits (Highest peak on each continent) including Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua in Argentina.

She has also cycled Lands End to John o Groats and also summated Mount Blanc before becoming the First British Women to fly off the top with a paraglider. Her adventures are always with a smile including a 3074 mile journey around Europe by ElliptiGo. Squash has an incredible spirit of adventure and appetite to tackle new challenges and make a difference to others through charities she supports. She has raised over £23,000 for various charities including One Foundation, Plant with Purpose and Coppafeel.

Squash is a great role model and BAMbassador for others wanting to challenge themselves and push boundaries. She shares her stories with others through talks which are truly inspiring.

We interviewed Squash to find out what makes her tick:

Your secret skill or talent?

I can moonwalk!

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

“You wont have this moment again.”

 Who would you like to thank?

The team at BAM for making such lovely clothes for the world to wear.

If you were Prime Minister what things would you change?

School – less homework, more time outside!

Who inspires you and why?

My mum – she’s the party.

Your worst habit?

If I open a bar of chocolate to eat one piece – it’s never one piece!

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

My best friend – because everything with her is always funny.

Your favourite drink?


Favourite item of Bamboo Clothing?


Favourite subject?


Dog or cat?


Indoors or outdoors?


Book or film?


Tipi tent or Hotel?

Tipi Tent

Take the lift or Take the Stairs?

Take the stairs

On the edge or comfortable chair?

On the egde

Bath or Shower?


BAM Kit: Bamboo Baselayer, Yoga Pants, Classic Briefs and Crop Tops.

BAMbassador Squash Falconer European Elliptigo Champion

In 2015 BAMbassador Squash Falconer won the European Elliptigo Championships. For those in the know an Elliptigo is a cross between a scooter and a bike and involves a jogging motion to move the vehicle. All human powered and all up hill. We salute her.

Squash Falconer European Elliptigo Champion

“I was so excited to be back for the ElliptiGo European Championships in Aix Les Bains… and I was also really nervous.  It’s a tough race, all uphill!  22km with a 1277m climb up to the top Mt Revard.  The event was brilliantly organised and there are so many lovely people there, supporting and competing.  Although there was more wind on the mountain this year which resulted in a slightly slower time I was delighted to be the Woman’s winner with a time of exactly 2hrs!”