BAMbassador – Tom Allen

BAMbassador - Tom Allen
BAMbassador - Tom Allen
BAMbassador - Tom Allen

Tom has undertaken adventurous journeys on 5 continents and is now a ‘self-unemployed’ adventure filmmaker, author, blogger and compulsive traveller; a path that has taken him as far afield as Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran, Patagonia and the Arctic.

Best known for the award-winning documentary film Janapar, he is currently trying to move beyond being ‘that guy who cycled round the world and got married on the way’, with new films and books in the pipeline for 2016, as well as an ambitious new adventure project in the South Caucasus. He has no fixed abode, and divides his time between the UK and Armenia when he’s not on the road.

We interviewed Nick to find out more:

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

Be prepared, then roll the dice.

Tell us what makes you tick?

Travel and adventure; the time and headspace to live consciously on this beautiful planet.

Who would you like to thank?

My parents, for encouraging and allowing me to think freely and make mistakes, even though they often knew better…

What are your other interests?

I will happily spend hours in the kitchen cooking. I’m also a die-hard listener of techno and drum & bass.

If you were Prime Minister what things would you change?

I would make a year of travel after formal education a compulsory part of growing up, with state funding for those who need it.

If you won the lottery what would you do?

I’d start a bricks-and-mortar community in a quiet, rural location for adventurer-traveller-storytellers who are away regularly but need flexible accommodation, working space and like-minded company to do what they do best when they’re ‘home’.

Your worst habit?

I work too long hours when I’m home, and don’t spend anywhere near enough time with my friends and family.

If you were to live in another country where would you pick?

I already do – Armenia! But if not, I’d consider Canada, Iran or New Zealand.

As a time traveller where would you pick, what era and to see who?

I’d go back to the Big Bang in order to figure out exactly what happened in that first second of our universe’s existence.

What is your favourite invention and why?

The bicycle. It takes what we’ve evolved to do – to use our minds and muscles to cover ground – and multiplies our efficiency by adding the one thing that evolution will never come up with on its own: the wheel.

Current BAM kit: Bamboo t-shirts, sweat top, bamboo baselayer and bamboo boxers and socks