BAMbassador – Trish Deykin

BAMbassador - Trish Deykin
BAMbassador - Trish Deykin
BAMbassador - Trish Deykin
BAMbassador - Trish Deykin

Trish Deykin is one of those truly inspirational human beings. Not only has she won gold in the ITU World Sprint Triathlon London 2013, Silver in the ETU European Sprint Triathlon Turkey 2013, she is a patron for the MS Trust, who provide support for people and families who are suffering with the effects of MS. Trish is also a proud advocate and patron of the charity Sportability, an organisation dedicated to empowering people to challenge themselves through sports and outdoor pursuits.

Trish was diagnosed with MS in 2004, her doctors told her to no longer compete in races. Initially she did as they requested, but still managed to keep fit. Though this didn’t keep her fighting spirit down for too long and needed a challenge. Trish then competed in a local triathlon and low and behold she WON! In the years following Trish worked her way up through the ranks and eventually became a British champion.

Trish Deykin and her story really encapsulate what BAM stands for. If you have the pure grit and determination, you really can do anything once you put your mind to it, despite whatever obstacles you are confronted with.

We interviewed Trish to find out more:

What life lessons do you wish to share with others?

Grab life with both hands, you just don’t know what is around the corner and it may just bite you on the bum!

What would you have chosen as your dream job?

Photographer for National Geographic

The big dream?

I’ve done it!!

Do you have a Life motto or mantra that you live by?

Nothing is impossible.

If you were Prime Minister what things would you change?

Tax free tampons!!

As a time traveller where would you pick, what era and to see who?

I’d love to go back in time circa 1800 and see what my village used to look like..

If you had not followed the path you are on what would you have done instead?

Probably ended up with nothing to show for my life in a dead end job,

What is your favourite invention and why?

The bike, you can travel for free using your body to move a speed – an awesome piece of engineering.

Buried in a book?

I left my tent in San Francisco by Emma Kennedy

Phobias or fears?

Spiders – evil!

Top of the bucket list?

Gallop on a tropical sand beach like they do in Cocktail The Movie

Favourite item of Bamboo Clothing?

Sweat Pants

Dog or cat?


On the edge or comfortable chair?

On the edge

Wine or Beer?


Meat or Veg?


Current BAM kit: Bamboo hoodies, short sleeved bamboo top and bamboo socks!