Bamboo Fabric Guide

Silky-soft, light and cling-free.
Made without elastane, this supersoft, lightweight jersey has an easy, cling-free ‘drape’ that skims any flaws.
Still with the inherent stretch of jersey and all the gentle, natural benefits of bamboo – let it clothe you in cool comfort all summer long.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Featherweight softness and stretch.
Like floating on Air, this lightweight, highly breathable jersey is a naturally cool and comfortable choice. Ideal for training, warm weather and travel, it also has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+, so blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Supremely soft, smooth and comfortable.
Imagine cotton T-shirt fabric only softer, smoother and with all the temperature controlling, moisture managingl benefits of bamboo. There’s nothing better for next-to-skin comfort at any time of year.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Wearable air conditioning.
This is the open, fine waffle-textured fabric of polo shirts and other classic sports garments – only much, much softer.
And, because it’s bamboo, our airy pique is also temperature regulating, moisture managing and has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+.
Please Note – Due to the nature of this fabric we make the garments slightly longer, because after the first wash, it becomes slightly shorter. You end up with the perfect fit 🙂

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Luxuriously soft and light.
Some love it, some get too hot in it.
Perfect for winter or spring snuggliness next to the skin.
Among the best natural performance fabrics, this jersey has a stretchy fine-rib construction to trap air and insulate without weight. Plus, it has all the other qualities of bamboo – odour resistant, gentle on sensitive skin, 98% UV protective and more.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Imagine regular woven trousers, then make them astonishingly, stunningly, luxuriously soft. The twill weave creates a subtle diagonal texture to the fabric, as hardworking as denim yet with the added uber softness of bamboo.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Comfortable, lightweight coverage.
A perfect fabric for warm-ups and cool-downs, this dense jersey sweat has real substance but absolutely no bulk.
With a looped back (not brushed), it’s also great for layering. And, as with all bamboo, it’s moisture managing and UV protective.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Super-luxurious, warmth and comfort.
Perfect for winter and spring cooler weather.
This ultrasoft, stretchy jersey has a ribbed construction that traps air making it supremely insulating for its modest weight.
Ideal worn with nothing underneath – especially when you consider all the other moisture managing, odour-reducing, benefits of bamboo.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Cosy luxury and practical comfort.
Like a classic sweatshirt, this dense, double-knit fabric has a fleecy brushed inner yet is made from bamboo so is even softer and even better at keeping you comfy: moisture managing, odour inhibiting and hypoallergenic. Year-round, indoor-outdoor appropriate.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Soft yet substantial.
Our heaviest sweat for snug warmth without overheating (it’s thermo regulating), this dense, double-knit fabric has a cosy fleece inner. Designed as your outer armour, it protects in the coldest, harshest environments and layers over all the other BAM fabrics.

Bamboo Fabric Guide

Stretchy, supportive and non see-through.
A high quality jersey that’s loaded with softness, gives figure-sculpting support with freedom of movement, and stays opaque through even deep squats.
And with all the benefits of bamboo, we believe it’s a world-class fabric for leggings.

Bamboo Fabric Guide
7gg & 12gg

Knitted texture refined.
To the glories of bamboo, we have added 60% merino wool. Sharing the same insulating, breathable, odour resistant, and elastic properties as bamboo, with a fine knit and not too chunky knit with 2 different knit gauges 7gg and 12gg. The result is warm, stylishly refined, for all but the most sensitive skin, non-irritating knits that feel even better than they look – and which you can wear everywhere from dinner parties to hilltops.