Bamboo Fabric Guide – BAM

Our range of bamboo fabric have turned out to be highly versatile especially in the world of sport, adventure and activities. These include yoga, cycling, running, pilates, mountain climbing, kayaking and just about anything you can think of. Bamboo fabric has a few inherent properties that help support this. It is naturally antibacterial and wicks away moisture from the skin. The hollow fibre construction of the fabric is very good at keeping your body temperature regulated. It’s UV protective and cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Last but no means least it is amazingly soft next to the skin. Many customers have told us that it is the best solution they have found for problem skin such as eczema and rashes. We have recently been recommended by the National Eczema Society.
Since we first saw how amazing bamboo fabric really was in 2006, we have developed lots of types of new fabrics as we’ve grown.

Bamboo Jersey 200gsm :


Designed to feel immensely comfortable next to your skin, whilst keeping your body temperature regulated. A light stretch in the fabric allows the garments to maintain their form and durability. Inherent of all the natural properties of bamboo, unbeatable comfort, temperature controlling, UV protective, moisture wicking and antibacterial. Versatile enough to be used all year round.

Bamboo Air 160gsm :


Developed to keep you cool. Weighing in at only 160gsm it’s highly breathable. A light stretch within the fabric helps the ‘Air’ garments retain their form. It just works and we love it for that, so will you. Regardless of weight it still maintains the UV protection rating of UPF 40 which cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays.

Jersey Sweat 260gsm :


The fabric’s strengthened structure is desirably soft next to the skin whilst also being incredibly breathable. As with all bamboo fabrics the amazing properties include moisture wicking, UV protection and antibacterial function which helps keep them smelling fresh for longer.

Enduro 340gsm :


We designed our heavier weight Enduro fabric for performance. The construction density of Enduro means it is much more supportive and above all else non see-through. Enduro still encapsulates the amazing properties of all our bamboo fabrics: unbeatable comfort, temperature controlling, UV protective, antibacterial and moisture wicking. (We believe this is a world class fabric for Yoga leggings)

Luxe 210gsm :


Luxe fabric, an exciting development for BAM Bamboo clothing. Luxe has been constructed with a small fine rib, to help trap air between your skin and the fabric, in turn, keeping the warmth locked in. Luxuriously soft and snug next to your skin, while still inherent of all the amazing properties of bamboo.

Ultra Luxe 270gsm :


Imagine cashmere for next to the skin garments. A heavier weight Luxe fabric with small rib construction. Best worn without anything else underneath. For this reason, it defies traditional classification.


Medium Sweat 285gsm :


The BAM medium sweat fabric has been a staple to the BAM family for many years. A light stretch provides comfort and durability like no other. The construction helps maintain body temperature keeping your body heat at a comfortable level. Once you feel this fabric next to your skin you will never want to wear anything else.

Heavy Sweat 320gsm :


Our BAM heavy sweat fabric has been constructed to be your outer armour. Beautifully soft and protective in the coldest, harshest environments. Layered with other BAM fabrics you are sure to keep out the cold.

We will keep you posted on new developments, some exciting fabrics are in development and we can’t wait to share these with you in the near future.

All the best for now,

The BAM Team