I’ve always thought blogs a huge self indulgence, so why miss out?

It’s been a busy time on all fronts at BAM.  Firstly, me.  well, I’ve always thought blogs a huge self indulgence, so why miss out?!  I’ve got into kayaking in the last few months and have been roped into the Big 5 kayak challenge – a team of 6 of us (all top, experienced kayakers, except of course me..)  – we’ve canoed round the Isle of Wight, which I found terrifying in places (Oct), then the length of the Thames, pretty much non-stop, during the blizzards in Feb –  and now on Saturday, the English Channel.  Wearing BAM kit for all. I know I’m biased, but why was I the only one not cold?  Bamboo Clothing (BAM) is warm when wet, no question, for when it’s being used in the ‘performance arena’. It was an issue too, as we broke into two groups because one got seasick and had to go slow and others got cold going slow and had to push on.  No problem with safety – the French Authorities insist on one support boat for every 3 canoes – but it would have been nice to finish together. I stayed back with Dave, my Thames buddy. Quite a hard 6 hour crossing as it was choppy, with 6-9 foot waves coming at you from the left, so everyone was on full alert every second to stay upright and eating food was almost impossible – my mars bars stuffed into my life jacket remianed uneaten….can’t really believe I’ve done that, I’d have laughed if you’d told me last year that I’d get in a canoe and paddle across the Channel.    we’re raising money for a great cause, The Muscular Help Foundation, giving special experiences for seriously ill young people. Speaking of endeavour, we signed up this week to be the main sponsor of the Rainforest Foundation 10k, held in London in November.   It’s a perfect association and we’ll also be doing some tree planting or tree saving through them.  If you run, or if you don’t but fancy it, get in contact – we might put a team in.  Ability not an issue, it’s about having a go.  Free bamboo tops up for grabs for each runner… Nicole and I at the Bamboo Clothing hub have really started trying to prioritise, there’s always far too much to do, which, as a bit of a perfectionist, is the road to madness, I swear.   I really want to get a great range of underwear for men and women together, but it keeps getting pushed back.  With sales being rather stronger than we anticipate and constantly growing, we have a constant challenge to keep stock levels up (I’m not complaining, promise!)  what would have been right even 6 months ago, isn’t now.  got to go now, have a production meeting to plan for…by the way, I have no idea how this blog is coming across, early days I know.  I’m just writing as I see things when I start to write.  any comments, as with everything at BAM, gratefully received.  I should actually now tell someone I have a blog…that might help.