Keiha’s Climbing Masterclass. Improve Your Mind Body Work Out.

We invited our competition winners to YONDER for a climbing masterclass with our new Ambassador Keiha, followed by a specialized yoga class with Sophia Butler Cowdry.


Over the last few years, climbing has grown from being a niche sport to a worldwide sensation, with centres appearing across the UK.

The high intensity sport will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo in 2020, which will in turn see a continued rise in popularity of climbing gyms and rock climbing training across the UK. That’s exactly why our Richmond team, and our competition winners Ali and Emma, joined Keiha in London last month for some 1-1 mentoring to sharpen our techniques.

Why Yonder you ask? We haven’t found a space quite like it, a community hub with humble beginnings, one suitable for all abilities and ages, with a dedicated yoga studio. The centre provided the perfect space to test our new yoga leggings and reek the benefits of climbing and yoga combined.

Emma is egged on by Ali, whilst Keiha mentors.


Our friend Sophia Butler Cowdry completed the climbing session with a specialised yoga class, designed for relieving aching and tired climbing muscles. Yoga and climbing make the perfect match, creating an all round mind, body and breath work out. Climbing heightens back and core strength, in turn leading to stronger poses and a more fulfulling practice. Some claim climbing is moving meditation.

Climbing is not only extremely social, it’s a fantastic sport to build our strength and cardio fitness. Regularly climbing and practicing yoga will improve flexibility, whilst providing a meditative escape to improve your happiness, wellbeing and ability to focus.


The Association of British Climbing Walls predicts there are near to 1,000,000 independent indoor climbers each year!

Rock climbing and bouldering allow you to tune in to your body more, problem solve and adapt to the environment in order to move and navigate around agilely. You need to focus on when to shift your weight and the need to be in the present moment improves mind-body awareness. 
Climbing is not only extremely social, it’s a fantastic sport to build up strength and cardio fitness. Scaling walls is guaranteed to condition and tone and help you overcome fears and anxiety. Regularly climbing with combined specialised yoga will improve flexibility, whilst providing a meditative escape improving wellbeing and focus.

Our founder David took to the wall like a duck to water.


We were thrilled Amy Curtis came along with her husband Matt, who is currently training for his next ultra run. Read this article for 247 running.

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A huge thanks to everyone who came along, and thank you Emma for this lovely little round up. You’re probably already following us on social, if not be sure to stay up to date. Sophia’s class with us will be available for you to practice at home soon!

Emma ”“Spending the day with the BAM team at Yonder in London was an amazing experience! Such a wonderful team who were so friendly and welcoming! The instructors for climbing and yoga were also fantastic and we had a great time! The BAM clothes we wore were super comfortable and easy to move in when climbing as well as doing yoga. Plus they looked great too! The perfect combination!””