Dartmoor Weekend Wanderlust Bamboo Kit List

I have lived on Dartmoor, Devon for 28 years and find myself falling in love with it more and more every day. Standing in awe at the top of a tor in the glorious summer sunshine or admiring the sparkling frozen streams and snow topped hills in the winter, its beauty is timeless.


Exploring this incredible place is a continuous adventure as the landscape is always changing…first come the blanket of bluebells, then the foxgloves appear in their purple perfection, followed by the plump blackberries ready for picking (you can’t beat a homemade Dartmoor blackberry crumble).

With so much to see and do, you always need to be prepared with the right kit and BAM have got it covered…first things first, walking socks. The bamboo walking sock’s durability and comfort make it the perfect companion for any adventurer but during those winter months, the Fairisle’s seasonal design is very fitting and the perfect addition to any hiker’s sock collection.

Below is a snap of the socks in action from the top of Peak Hill, don’t be fooled by ‘hill’, it may not be a tor, but the trek up will definitely get your blood pumping and as you can see the views are fantastic.


Base layers are vital when exploring in colder weather and it’s much easier to remove a layer than nip home and pick up another! I like the luxe zip-neck top as it makes a great top layer and it’s also perfect for wearing underneath your usual hiking get-up.

The simple bamboo cami top also works as an easy base layer if you feel the cold. One of my favourite hiking must-haves are the super soft enduro deep waistband leggings, they offer a lot of freedom which comes in handy when clambering over rocks, but also the thermo-control bamboo fabric keeps you nice and snug whilst remaining breathable, ideal for when you need to air out after scaling one of Dartmoor’s many tors.

I always keep one of BAM’s merino bamboo beanies stuffed in my rucksack just in case I need a bit of extra warmth. I find that a lot of hats can be quite itchy and irritating, but the mixture of bamboo and merino is surprisingly soft and comfortable.

Now I’ve tried bamboo fabric I honestly can’t get enough of it, clingy tops and ill-fitting leggings are a thing of the past, plus they are environmentally friendly, what’s not to love!


There’s no better way to release your weekend wanderlust than to tune out from the hustle and bustle and go on a little adventure.

So, pack your rucksack with your favourite kit and go exploring!