The first piece of clothing I ever sold

Loughborough University, June 1988. Skint. Wanting to travel to America for the Summer. Saw a sweatshirt print worn by Eddie Murphy on Beverley Hills Cop and thought I’d try knocking up something similar. So I did and sold them around campus in 3 days and got another 100 done but this time I went on my moped to Nottingham, bought 100 plain shirts, took them down to Leicester to a screen printer, much cheaper, more profit.   The basic model was up and running. It bought my ticket to America, I ended up in Boulder, Colorado for one of the classic summers. You’re not supposed to doctor your passport to make you 21 instead of 20 and I will always deny that it ever happened.. The other day an old friend sent me a picture, she still has that very first print. I hope you still enjoy wearing BAM clothing in 30 years’ time…   David Gordon