Purple Sock Day 2021

Purple Sock Day Fbv

International Day of Persons with Disabilities aims to promote an increased awareness and understanding of disability inclusion. As well as support the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. So, this year, in collaboration with Parallel Lifestyle, we are working together on the first ever Purple Sock Day. And we are proud to be making and selling this year’s official purple socks.

Purple Socks

At BAM, we celebrate being the best you can be regardless of age and ability. We’re delighted to support Parallel in raising awareness of disability inclusion by making unbelievably soft bamboo performance socks ahead of Purple Sock Day on December 3rd.

50% of the proceeds from the sale of purple socks will provide grants, professional advice, mentoring, networking opportunities and tailored business support to D/deaf and disabled entrepreneurs. Let’s ensure opportunity for all, whilst making sure we leave no one behind.

The Campaign

To increase awareness, we’ve been celebrating some pretty amazing humans in the lead up to Purple Sock Day 2021.

Richard Slocock

Richard, who is currently 2nd place B2 World Champion, has opened up about his experience with his disability and how it has never held him back from pursuing and succeeding in his love for climbing.

Lucy Thorburn

Lucy who works with animals and is a musical theatre graduate, talks about disability inclusion within the theatre world.

Laura Bibby

Laura is a yoga teacher who wants to raise awareness on disability and inclusion through her love of yoga & fashion.

Trish is a sprint-distance amateur triathlete who speaks here about the strength MS has given her to succeed in her field.

Get Involved

So, now that you’ve bought this year’s official purple socks, all that’s left to do is wear them with pride and be sure to tag us and use #MyBAMKit and #PurpleSockDay. And if you haven’t already you can still join in and buy your pair of official purple socks here.

Let’s work together to promote the need for disability inclusion by wearing your official purple socks.