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Bam1671 Womens Horizon Yoga Pants Black Bamboo Clothing 1
Bam1671 Womens Horizon Yoga Pants Black Bamboo Clothing 2
Bam1671 Womens Horizon Yoga Pants Black Bamboo Clothing 3
Bam1671 Womens Horizon Yoga Pants Black Bamboo Clothing 4
Bam1671 Womens Horizon Yoga Pants Black Bamboo Clothing 5

Horizon Yoga Pants

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Easy yoga pants. Supersoft, super stretchy and very lightweight with a comfortingly deep waistband.

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Welcome to the next generation. Considered craft, BAM-soft comfort, kindest to people & the planet. The BAM feeling is everything. Purposeful Activewear. BAM We Can.

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So BAM-soft comfortable you’ll want to live in it.

Once you try it, you’ll never go back. BAM softness & comfort is NEXT level. With astonishing comfort that naturally fights those nasty niffs, our kit is perfect against your skin. Question is, why are you still wearing itchy or plasticky alternatives?

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Next generation fabrics that change the game.

Move over synthetics, the next generation is here. Swap your fossil fuel fabrics for those crafted to be kindest to people & the planet. Made from naturally sourced or recycled materials with zero to landfill waste, they’re also born to perform. And then some.

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Crafted to get you active & be impact positive.

Each piece of BAM kit is crafted with purpose. From designing a fully circular range so items can be properly recycled creating zero landfill waste to individual details for maximum performance, we do our personal best so you can achieve yours.

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Every item kindest to people and the planet.

Our industry has been rightly called out for its impact on people & the planet. We’re leading the positive change. Already climate positive, we’re rethinking processes, innovating fabrics, working closely with who makes our clothes. Question is, why aren’t all clothes made this way?

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2.8 m2 of land
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359.9 days
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These yoga pants are super stretchy and very lightweight. We’ve refined the design so you have less gathering at the waistband so they hang beautifully but with enough fabric to give them a really easy fit. And then we’ve given them a reassuringly deep waistband that doesn’t dig in.

In our supersoft classic bamboo jersey these are your go-to easy yoga pants. And as with every single piece of BAM clothing, we’ve made sure these yoga pants are climate positive.

  • Inseam – 71cm

Classic Jersey


68% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton, 4% Elastane.

Supremely soft, smooth and comfortable. Imagine cotton T-shirt fabric only softer and smoother with a little stretch. As it's bamboo it's incredibly absorbent so it stays dry helping with temperature control - you stay cool in the heat, warm in the winter. There’s nothing better for next-to-skin comfort.

Wash on or below
30° C  |  86° F


Iron your garments on a medium heat.


Do not use bleach


Do not tumble dry.


Do not dry clean.


WOMEN's Bottoms - Size Guide

Inches CM

Fabric type: Jersey / knit

To Fit WaistInchesCM
XS6 - 824 - 2661 - 66
S826 - 2866 - 71
  1028 - 3071 - 76
M1230 - 3276 - 81
  1432 - 3481 - 86
L1634 - 3686 - 91
  1836 - 3891 - 96
To Fit HipsInchesCM
XS6 - 833 - 3584 - 89
S835 - 3789 - 94
  1037 - 3994 - 99
M1239 - 4199 - 104
  1441 - 43104 - 109
L1643 - 45109 - 114
  1845 - 47114 - 119

Reviews for Horizon Yoga Pants

Independent Feedback based on 12 verified reviews.
Sharka1 - Monday, 8 August 2022
Trusted Customer - Wednesday, 20 July 2022
Chloe - Customer Service, BAM
- Wednesday, 20 July 2022
Claire OSullivan - Monday, 4 July 2022
Yoga pants fall down when you walk and are not fit for purpose. BAM refusing to help as I’ve worn them (not sure how I am supposed to know they are faulty without wearing them). Left with a very expensive pair of yoga pants I cannot wear out of the house. I wish I had read the other review fir...
Chloe - Customer Service, BAM
- Wednesday, 20 July 2022
Kate London - Saturday, 21 May 2022
The yoga pants fit beautifully and are incredibly soft. I have returned them only because I received the wrong colour but hopefully my exchange is on its way. Would recommend.
Chloe F - Customer Service, BAM
- Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Sorry to hear you received the wrong colour! I can see that your exchange is being despatched today 🙂
Trusted Customer - Monday, 25 April 2022
Seemed good product but didn’t fit/suit me
Jasmin - Customer Service, BAM
- Tuesday, 26 April 2022
Many thanks for your feedback on our Horizon yoga pants. We are really sorry to hear that your Yoga pants didn't fit.
Melanie budge - Monday, 25 April 2022
Flattering, comfortable, soft and luxurious
Jasmin - Customer Service, BAM
- Wednesday, 27 April 2022
Enjoy your new yoga pants!
David Waldron - Wednesday, 20 April 2022
Perfect fit, flexible and soft. My wife loves them.
Jasmin - Customer Service, BAM
- Friday, 22 April 2022
We are so pleased to hear that your wife loves her new Yoga pants 🧘‍♀️
Trusted Customer - Wednesday, 13 April 2022
I love the bamboo garments but unfortunately had to return as they were too long for me. I wish they would do some trousers in shorter lengths.
Chloe F - Customer Service, BAM
- Thursday, 14 April 2022
Sorry to hear this! We hope your return was nice and easy for you!
CL - Saturday, 9 April 2022
Just right for Pilates etc- soft, light stretchy
Lucy - Customer Service, BAM
- Wednesday, 13 April 2022
Great to hear, enjoy!
Trusted Customer - Wednesday, 16 March 2022
Sizing / stretch. I wish I had bought a size down as the elastic is not as firm as I hoped (so they end up dropping). Otherwise excellent.
Chloe F - Customer Service, BAM
- Wednesday, 16 March 2022
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will pass your feedback on!
Independent Customer Feedback