The BAM Sock Monster

Here at BAM we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously. And whilst we are always working hard to bring you the best Bamboo products season after season, we also think it’s important to have a bit of fun whilst doing so!

Reusing and repurposing products has always been important to us. Whether we’re stamping out single-use plastic in our packaging, drinking from our reusable water bottles or giving old and worn socks a new lease of life. Nothing should be wasted, single-use or discarded when it can be turned in to something else.

Our BAM sock monsters were born from an idea. We thought to ourselves “what’s something fun & creative we can make that’s something everyone can enjoy?” With a bit of cutting, creativity, buttons and stuffing, our Bamboo sock monsters were born & ready for adventure!

South Africa

Our BAM sock monster, Blue snuck into our baggage in amongst our Bamboo socks. Thankfully, he got through customs without any issues and didn’t have to sit in quarantine for weeks. Luckily, Bamboo’s non-smelly properties worked in his favour and the sniffer dogs didn’t catch the little stowaway.

I must go, the mountains are calling to me.

Blue loved to bask in the sun and enjoy all the views South Africa had to offer ☀️ 

He became a valued part of the team over the weeks, showing the models the right poses for the perfect photo.


Blue’s two cousins (twice removed) joined us in London for our Spring Summer 2019 shoot.

Their previous experience photographing foot models made them invaluable over the course of the shoot and our models loved having them around.

“If he’s getting ready for an underwear shoot, im out of here.. have you heard what he did with bob?”

Recycle and Re-use

Give your clothing a new lease on life! Sock monsters make fantastic toys for both children, pets & even adults!

We hope our behind the scenes shots have inspired you to create your very own sock monster. Your socks deserve a new lease on life! Whether you turn them into cleaning cloths, to repair another piece of clothing or into a sock monster.

Reuse and Recycle.

Create your own sock monster!

Hate when your favourite bamboo socks are nabbed by your significant other, then why not guard them with your very own sock draw sock monster?

Made from an old or new pair they will instantly guard their brethren!