The Denim Dilemma

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One of fashions biggest bugbears gets an overhaul (Road tested by Rosie)

This year denim has officially been touted the new black, as corporate attire got given the heave ho, casual cool got a whole new wave of interest, problem was, our pandemic affected sense of style meant comfort became way more of a priority than it used to be. So, this year poses the question, how can we be casual and comfortable without looking like we’re in lounge wear 24/7?

I hate to use the term ‘wardrobe staple,’ but if you ask me a good pair of jeans is the definition of the term! Show me someone who claims they don’t own anything denim and I’ll show you a liar. Jeans have been around for more than a century, they were invented in 1873 to be exact, thanks to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Numerous eco controversies mean that one of the longest standing trends could eventually be consigned to the fashion archives, but not if BAM has anything to do with it.

As a stylist, I’ve always found jeans to be famously difficult to buy, but there’s no denying it, they look so damn cool. Finding styles that correctly fit your waist, bum, hips, thighs and calves whilst allowing you to actually move, breathe and be a functioning human being in society is no mean feat. I’ve broken out into many a sweat in fitting rooms vacuum packing myself-and unsuspecting clients- into styles I love that have just no give. Beauty is pain? Well, if you look to the impact Jeans have on the planet, and our poorly, restricted bodies, it really is!

So, what if I told you I’d discovered Jeans that, I kid you not, I taught a yoga class in, went running in, cartwheeled along the beach in that have been road tested by climbers, made from organic cotton and of course, a bamboo blend made with 90% less water than your everyday denims. Yes, you can look cool, be free, not be in PJs and you can sleep pretty darn well at night because these bad boys are very kind to the planet (and your body it would appear… option to sleep IN them.) Yes, it’s a miracle! Where do I sign?