The Pong Index

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When it comes to how much you smell, does it really matter what fabric you wear? BAM’s Pong Index gets to the heart of the matter.  

We asked independent fabric expert Deborah Shulton to put BAM to the test and compare our bamboo blend fabrics to cotton and polyester.  

We asked three men and three women to put different fabrics to the test over three weeks of exercise. Our six intrepid exercisers were given a BAM bamboo blended, a cotton and a polyester top.  

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Each week they wore one top for three PT sessions a mid, high and low intensity workout. Then we asked them to score each one on comfort, sweat marks, dryness, smelliness and on how confident they felt wearing the top in company between workouts.  Basically, we wanted to know everything they thought.  

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Here are the highlights: 

  • Comfort: all wearers gave the BAM top the maximum score for comfort.  
  • Sweat stains: BAM’s top was the only one that didn’t show any sweat during the low intensity workout. 
  • Smell: BAM’s top scored best for not smelling. 
  • Speed of drying: BAM’s tops were much quicker to dry after each session.
  • Confidence: After the three workouts spread out across the week, 5/6 wearers felt confident or very confident to wear their BAM top again. Only 2/6 felt confident to wear the cotton top again. And nobody felt confident to wear the polyester top again.  
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After the tests, Deborah said: “Putting these fabrics through real life testing has shown that bamboo’s natural moisture-absorbing, anti-bacterial properties make it the ideal fabric to wear for exercise. It also rated highly on comfort and performance, both essential when choosing the right sports gear.”  

So if a fear of ponging or the endless laundry is putting you off pulling on a base layer and hitting the trail, fear no more. Grab yourself a BAM base layer and put us to the test yourself.  

And if you want to see the detailed results for yourself, here they are:   

Pong Index Results