There’s something about leggings…!

Here’s the thing about leggings; they are highly versatile – an item you can wear any time of the year. So, for this reason, it must be agreed that leggings are an essential part of your wardrobe.

Comfortable, fashionable and a ‘go to’ for both relaxed evenings as well as a more dressed up look. I even wear mine to the gym and for general exercise!

For a casual look, try pairing up your leggings with a simple t-shirt or vest top. Add a pair of trainers or some flip flops to complete your outfit.

To dress this look up a bit, perhaps if you’re in an office with a more relaxed atmosphere, or maybe a catch-up lunch with friends, you could add a nice blouse for the warmer weather. Substitute this with a shirt and jumper or cardigan for the cooler temperature. A less casual top, with some decoration or a pattern for example could also work well. Add some brogues, kitten heels, wedges or dolly shoes depending on the weather and finish off with a few pieces of subtle jewellery.


In the evening – to leggings, add some nice shoes and a fancy/elegant top. Maybe you’re going out for dinner or a few drinks in the warmer weather – we all like to make an effort when the weather is pleasant, and we feel good – this is for those who aren’t feeling like wearing dresses or skirts or prefer the comfort of leggings over jeans.

There are some great benefits of wearing bamboo leggings for training. They’re thermo controlling, breathable and sweat-wicking, so you won’t get too hot and sweaty during your work out and will also remain nice and dry. The Enduro leggings are supportive, stretchy and figure-sculpting, making them clingy, but not restrictive and they’re comfortable to move in.

From casual, to athletic, to bold prints, leggings are trendy all year round! BAM’s range of bamboo leggings are perfect whatever your style. Deep waistband, 3/4 length, cropped, or Enduro? We have you covered.

The Enduro’s are supportive, stretchy, sculpting and good for more enhanced activity, such as running – keeps you all compact – dancing – hot/high intensity yoga and pilates – activities that require a lot of movement as the fabric keeps you all compact. The lighter weight Jersey fabric is still light and soft on the skin, good for less movement. Still good for high intensity, but as Jersey is a thinner fabric, there is slightly less support, it just depends how you move, how warm you get and how concerned you are with ‘wobbly bits.’

Whether relaxing or for exercise, you want comfort and our fabric guide will help you decide which fabric would suit your style of activity best.

View our Enduro leggings, or browse our full range here.