Trish’s Merino Review

Triathlete Trish’s Thoughts On Bamboo, Merino & Our Brand New Zip Through.

Merino wool, the new wonder.  But to be honest my previous experience of merino wool has been rather scratchy.  A few years ago, I bought an expensive merino wool hoody from a top brand and am very ashamed to only worn it a few times.  It’s uncomfortable and irritates my skin – a complete waste of money which could have gone on more BAM items!!  I was very disillusioned about merino wool and have not bought anything made of it since, until now……..

So, what did I think when BAM introduced Merino and Bamboo?  Excited and very curious. I’ve had the Zip Through Jumper for a couple of weeks now and the minute I put it on I was happy. It is so soft and not scratchy at all. I can wear it with t-shirts and not been the slightest bit uncomfortable, ahhhh the wonder!

The Zip Through Jumper is ideal for the unpredictable autumnal days when it’s not hot nor is it cold but you know you need to wear more than just a t-shirt or long-sleeved top. The mix of merino and bamboo regulates your temperature keeping you comfortable no matter what.  It is also ideal to wear either chilling out at home or if you need to dress up a bit to meet your friends.

As both merino wool and bamboo are ethical* what is there not to love?  I think I’ll be wearing the Zip Through Jumper forever!


* “Our Merino is sourced in Australia from a RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified farm.

This means that “On farms, the certification ensures that sheep are treated with respect to their Five Freedoms and also ensures best practices in the management and protection of the land. Through the processing stages, certification ensures that wool from certified farms is properly identified and tracked”