What not to do with your Bamboo Merino

It’s one of the perks working at BAM that we can try some of the new seasons introductions and it was with some trepidation that I thought that I’d try one of our new Merino Bamboo items. Finding out about the product, why it was developed, how the merino was sourced, had sold me on the idea. But with one issue, my fear of itchy scratchy wool.

For those of you growing up in the 80s you may remember that a good old woolly jumper was the staple (along with knee high socks) and I hated them. Oh, how they itched, it felt like an army of ants walking all over me. I had felt a sample of the merino fabric earlier in the year and thought that the internal hype may well be justified, so thought I would give the merino Bamboo Quarter Zip Jumper a try. It reminded me of a top I loved when I was a tad older in the mid 90’s with the bold stripe.

I picked it up from the warehouse, took it home and tried it on….now I was half expecting a legion of long dead ants resurrected and marching over my skin, however I was pleasantly surprised, a slight tingle, but perhaps this was my mind playing tricks on me but actually it was soft and no itchiness at all!
I wore it over the weekend, popped it in the washing basket and reported back to the office how nice it was.

Now the only issue that I had not factored in, was that it had to be washed by hand. Of course, I had read the instructions, (and had to proof them anyway) but when you are in a rush and chucking things in the wash, you don’t always think. We wash everything on a 30-degree wash (we don’t like wasting too much energy if we can help it). With wool of any kind including our lovely merino it needed a little more care. My lovely jumper, worn only once, that had broken my preconception of wool, was well…significantly smaller than I remembered. In fact, it could now fit my 6 year old.

What not to do with Your Merino - shrink it to fit a 6 year old!
What not to do with your merino - least we match!

So why does Wool shrink? Well it doesn’t, not as such, it’s actually to do with the natural wool fibres. They are relatively loose (unlike woven fabrics) so they tighten together with the heat and spinning which make the clothes appear to shrink.

So the old adage of the reading the instructions is all well and good, just as long as you remember them!

Thankfully BAM saw the funny side and presented me with another so that my daughter and I could happily match 🙂

I had better be more careful next time!