Where did the name BAM come from?

Where did the name BAM come from?

Agencies are paid very large figures to research names and come up with the best, most memorable name for a brand, that speaks to the target audience and resonates in ways that only a very highly paid agency can find the words to explain.  Whether they are solving a problem that doesn’t exist is something the jury’s out on.

My journey in the naming of BAM was somewhat simpler and way more cost effective. Spring 2006.  Picture a man sat on his own in a small room in the top floor of his flat in Richmond, possibly in just his underpants, maybe a T-shirt and shorts.

Boo? Bam? Bamboo?

Trying to think of a name for his new clothing brand that didn’t yet exist.  Knowing he’s odds on to lose his flat pretty soon if this doesn’t work;  what do you call a brand that sells clothing made from Bamboo?  What would you have come up with?  Boo?   Bam?  Bamboo?  Something totally different that doesn’t ‘do what it says on the tin’ was always an option.  Going off piste would actually have been more appropriate in many ways, but I kept coming back to BAM.  It just seemed to fit.  All creative roads led back to it.  I toyed with using my own name, but it just felt a bit too……egotistical.

It makes me laugh when I watch the apprentice – new series just starting – and they spend ages picking a name, which makes no difference whatsoever to anything, and I’ve just realised I spent a week on my name. With a focus on Brand, as a concept, this last decade, I’m of pretty much the opinion that with a few usability caveats the name doesn’t matter too much, people will get used to it.  As with most things if you do something with enough confidence you can make it work.

So BAM it was.  No doubt if I was picking another name now I’d feel the pressure of the highly paid agency route. It has, for me at least, a homespun feel to it and an energy, you almost want an exclamation mark.