A viable and environmentally sustainable business.

When he discovered soft and sustainable bamboo, he knew he’d found that business.

That was 2006. From the early days when David ran the business from his garage, to today when we have a team of 70, BAM has David’s core values running through it. We offer an excellent product with excellent service. We have fun doing it. And sustainability is at our core. 

David’s personal goal is to find the best that the human spirit has to offer. It’s at the heart of BAM. 

Making a difference to the planet

Everyone who works here believes in the difference bamboo clothing makes to our planet. Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon than hardwood trees. It needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre and it doesn’t need irrigation or pesticides. Add to that how well it works as a performance fabric and you can see why we love bamboo.

But whilst we’ve had the environment at our heart for well over a decade, the clothing industry is one of the worst for pollution.

Have we mentioned that David is a medal-winning pole-vaulter? In 2017 he became the World Masters Games Champion – in his words, the Olympics for older people. David likes to set the bar high.

So when it came to addressing our impact on the environment, we not only had to do more, we have to do all we are capable of with a goal to be Impact Positive.

Setting the bar high: Impact Positive

We’re challenging ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint to zero by 2030. But more than that, we’ll address every impact we have on the planet. We’ll ensure every person in our supply chain – right the way back to the growers – is paid fairly and treated with dignity. We’ve set goals for zero waste to landfill, zero pollution and zero wasted water – all by 2030. This applies to every single process from the growing of the bamboo, to the manufacture of our clothes, to the way they are recycled.

This is what we got into business for in the first place

We want to prove it’s possible for a clothing company to be Impact Positive. We are a company founded on the passion to find the best the human spirit has to offer and we’re devoting ourselves to making this happen. The environment is our highest priority. It’s what we got into business for in the first place.

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To get into more detail.

Read our Impact Positive: Covering our impact, our immediate plans and ultimate goals.

Our Impact Reports are one of the ways you can hold us to account. We need to know who is making our clothes which is why we’re tracing our supply chain right back to the raw materials.