Know Your Impact

How do we know that BAM is better?

We want 100% performance, 0% impact on our planet. In order to measure it, we need to know exactly what impact every item has. This let’s us know what we have to do to remain climate positive and innovate for better fabrics.

We started by identifying every step in our supply chain (yes, it was painstaking work). Then we asked independent life cycle experts Green Story to measure the total impact of our clothing - from the moment the crop is harvested through to the moment it’s delivered to our warehouse in Devon.

What Are We Measuring?

Green Story compare our clothing to conventional cotton equivalents so you can see exactly how much lower impact our clothing currently is.

Where Can I See The Results?

You’ll find the comparisons on every product on the website.

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Since launching, using bamboo viscose and organic cotton instead of conventional fibres has meant:

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Where Do Our Savings Come From?

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