Impact Positive: Documents and Policies

More than ever, it’s important for brands to be transparent and clear with their sustainable policies and working practices. In a world of greenwashing, going above and beyond to show our partners in achieving our impact positive goals (yes that’s you!), our policies and commitments in detail, is vital.  

Being clear on the things we believe need to be done differently to reduce the impact of the clothing industry on people and the planet is our responsibility as an innovation leader.  

Below are three of these key documents.

Why are these documents important? 

Policies & commitments aren’t enough on their own, but they are a crucial step towards reducing impact. They demonstrate our commitment and clarify requirements and preferences. They rally our employees, suppliers and partners, help to ensure we all stick to our clear expectations and targets, set out future plans and embed working practices into our business and supply chain.  

Why have we created them now? 

Lots of the detail around our ways of working/approach have been a part of our working culture from day one but with a growing supply chain and growing team, it’s important to formalise some of these things so we can maintain that positive culture as we grow. Equally, we’ve set ourselves some very ambitious goals and our plans for achieving them are always evolving.  

We need to ensure everyone involved in the business (employees, suppliers & partners), whether they’ve been working with us for ten years or ten days understands what we stand for, what we’re trying to do and what’s expected of them. 

Why are we publishing them? 

So we can be held to account and so more detailed information can be easily found by the people that want or need to see it –  our customers, accreditation bodies and certification schemes (like B-corp and Fair Wear), press or industry professionals and potential future employees, suppliers and partners. 

Key Documents: 

Supplier Code of Conduct – sets out clear expectation for suppliers covering key environment & social impacts

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Fibre Sourcing Strategy & Requirements – provides information about fibre sourcing strategy including clear requirements, guidance, context and targets

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BAM x Canopy Commitment to protecting Nature, Climate & People through our paper, packaging & fibre sourcing

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