We’re B-corp certified.

Bam B Corp Bamboo Clothing

If you’ve heard the term before but are not sure what it’s about, here’s what B-corp certification is, what it means for us and what it means for you, our customers.

In short, B Corp is a global community of businesses that meets high standards of social and environmental impact. With our certification we’re now part of that community giving us the chance to learn from and share our own experiences with like-minded brands.

In technical terms, certification means BAM has proven that we meet those high standards of social and environmental performance as well as public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

But it’s not a one-time thing. We have to maintain that high performance. B-Corp continually raises standards and BAM will need to re-certify every three years to ensure we keep evolving to meet them.

And the accountability doesn’t stop there.

In order to ensure that our purpose is embedded into the culture of the business, we’ve made a legal commitment to it. It’s now there in our articles of association where we are required to consider all stakeholders (not just shareholders) in the decisions we make. It means that every employee understands the importance of our Impact Positive goals and it reassures customers that we’re a company that is committed to delivering on its promises.  

But along with accountability comes support.

Certification has given us a holistic view of our impact. BAM’s goal to be Impact Positive by 2030 requires us to move forward on so many fronts. Our goals focus on People, Nature and Climate. And where we’ve made strides reducing our environmental impact, we have a lot of work to do to ensure gender equality in our operations and supply chain. B-Corp certification gives us a framework that not only holds us to account but supports our improvement.

Demonstrating our commitment to change.

Globally, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after the oil and gas sector. BAM is proving change is possible. With B-corp certification, we’re demonstrating our commitment to this change.

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