We recently asked Lucy, a Pilates instructor at Response Dundee, if she would be kind enough to create a video for people who are new to Pilates.

Lucy worked as an Occupational Therapist for 13 years, then retrained as a Pilates instructor, so, her previous experience has given her a great understanding of how the human body and mind works, enabling her to apply this knowledge to her Pilates teaching.

The video below shows Lucy’s top tips for those who are looking to start their Pilates journey.

Video transcription

Hello, my name is Lucy, I teach Pilates here at Response Physiotherapy and Pilates in Broughty Ferry.

David and his team at Bamboo Clothing, have asked me to give you just a few tips on getting started with Pilates.


So, here’s my first tip: find yourself a class, which has a qualified instructor and not too many people attending the class. So, by that I mean up to around 10, okay.

Anymore than that and you’ll find that it’s difficult for the instructor to get around everybody and make sure everybody’s in the right position, that they’re using the right muscles and that they’re getting the most out of the exercise.


My second tip is to wear comfortable clothing. So, I wear a lot of bamboo clothing *points to vest* this is a bamboo vest, it’s warm, it’s breathable, it’s very, very comfortable and they do wash and wear very, very well.


My third tip is to try and incorporate Pilates into your everyday life. So, if your instructor has corrected your posture and asked you just to *points to chin* tuck your chin in slightly *points to back of head* and lengthen through your neck *touches shoulders* try and keep your shoulders down a little bit more, then try and use that when you’re going around every day.

You can use it when you’re driving, you can use it when you’re working, anything at all. You can also keep practising, using your deep tummy muscles, so pulling your lower tummy in, perhaps lifting your pelvic floor at the same time.


And my last tip, is just to say that you should feel good after Pilates. You should come out feeling slightly stretched, should come out with a sense of well-being, that you’ve enjoyed your class and lastly, you should feel just a little bit taller, okay. So, enjoy Pilates, thank you.

Lucy has shared some great tips in helping make those first steps as positive as can be. How will you you follow Lucy’s advice to make the most out of your Pilates adventure?

If you’re beginning your venture into Pilates, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran with many years of practise, why not share your experience with us? Connect with us on our Social Media pages for a chance to be featured.