Helen Roscoe & Bamboo Clothing

I’ve always appreciated Bamboo clothing as a brand which designs and produces high-quality clothing that is not only sustainable but natural, feels and looks good to wear. 

My background prior to yoga was as an athlete and so I’ve always been accustomed to wearing lycra! However over more recent years, I’ve moved to more of a relaxed look – clothes which are comfortable, look nice and have a bit of personality too. It’s fab to be able to pick a pair of leggings and think ‘they are very me!” which is exactly what I thought when I saw the Enduro deep waistband leggings in foliage green.

Wearing them is easy; I can teach and practice yoga in them, run in them and wear them around the house too! Plus I don’t feel self-conscious if I were to step out into the street pairing them with basic top layers.  

The leggings are comfortable, fit well and have a really nice supportive feel to them. It’s important to feel warm at this time of year so I am really happy to wear them both indoors and out and don’t feel as though I need any further layers on. This is really important when I’m going out for a run or heading out to teach a class. I want to feel warm! There’s nothing worse than starting off already cold! My joints and muscles feel a little more support from the thickness of the fabric and the high waistband feels really comforting for my hips and lower back too. It’s nice to combine the feeling of comfort, stability, and flexibility which really comes through in the fabric. 

The Bamboo Base Layers are also ideal for this time of year. I’m always looking at layering up plus they double up really well for outdoor activities such as running and hiking.   

The Bamboo Hoody feels great, it’s a thinner fabric but is cunningly warm! The pockets are neat and I love the contrast between the zip and the main fabric. It’s nice to add that little bit of pop of colour on a dull day. 



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The tones of the latest collection are right up my street! Earthy, natural and warming, I guess this is also what I am aiming to get across when I teach yoga. So it’s nice to be able to wear something that compliments me too!

Helen Roscoe / Yoga Teacher