How we’re reacting to Covid-19

I just wanted to update everyone on how we’re doing at BAM.  With almost everyone working from home and a new system for sending out our orders, we’re safely managing to keep ourselves and our customers going.

We’re so grateful to our wonderful warehouse team who are keeping the orders moving.
We use Royal Mail Tracked service to deliver. This means you will receive an update from Royal Mail as soon as your parcel has been picked up from BAM. You will then be able to track the progress of you delivery via Royal Mail.  
Just to remind you that Royal Mail’s guidance is that on delivery they will leave the parcel at your door, ring the bell and then not leave until they see you – unless you have another arrangement with your postie, which is the great strength of Royal Mail.

We’ve also extended our returns policy to 30 days and depending on events, will extend as necessary.  But as always, we hope you love your clothes. Our aim is to delight you every time.

That’s it!  Except for this thought. It’s an established fact that a single act of kindness tends to be passed on around five times.  That only needs to happen five times for 3000 acts of kindness to have taken place. We can all spread the kindness.  I like to think that this is how we’ll get through this, hopefully to a kinder, more thoughtful place.

If things change, we’ll let you know. Do follow us on social media  where we’ll be sharing tips on keeping body and soul together. 


Warmest regards to you all,

David Gordon