Anna is a very passionate cyclist. Mainly interested in touring, she has cycled 4000 miles around the coast of Britain, and 1000 miles from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.

Cycling is her preferred method of exploration, frequently heading out for long weekends on her bike. Her favourite type of ride is to the coast: she tries to ride to the seaside every couple of months, usually accompanied by fish and chips and a quick dip, even in January!

Anna is also a travel writer, and has written two books on cycling: ‘Eat, Sleep, Cycle’ which is about her bike ride around Britain, and ‘Pedal Power’ which is a collection of inspirational stories from all aspects of cycling. Anna writes articles on cycling and cycle touring for various magazines and websites, and keeps a blog, which is primarily about cycling but also features topics such as: sustainability, travel, veganism & family.

A few years ago Anna also sailed around Britain, a three month trip which was as difficult as it was amazing, especially as she never got over her sea-sickness! Anna has always loved boats and has now traded a traditional lifestyle to live on her narrowboat, fantastically named Slow Gin.

Anna was moored in London for four years recently moving to Bristol after her two week cruise along the Kennet and Avon canal. She also loves to run and swim, completing an Ironman a couple of years ago & running a couple of marathons with another planned for next year.

We have interviewed Anna below, to find out what makes her pursue her activities.

What would you have chosen as your dream job?

Anything that involves the great outdoors. I used to work as a cycling instructor – I loved being paid to ride my bike!! And teaching people and inspiring people to love cycling.

Tell us what makes you tick?

I care about anything that will help the environment. I live a low-impact life: I live off-grid on a boat, generating all my own energy with my solar panel, wasting very little, I ride a bike, most of the food I buy is organic, and I’m vegan.

What bothers you?

Waste! And people being late (although I’m usually one of them!)

Your loves?

Cycling, fresh air, good food.

What is the big dream?

To sail and cycle round the world.

What charities and causes do you most connect with?

Anything that deals with climate change and the environment.

If you were Prime Minister what things would you change?

I would ban plastic bags, I would address food waste, I would invest in sustainable transport and sustainable energy, and ban pesticides. And I would do a little dance like Hugh Grant did in Love Actually.

Who inspires you and why?

Any ‘normal’ people (particularly women) who do extraordinary things: Anna McNuff, Roz Savage, Laura Penhaul, Alastair Humphreys to name just a few.

Where would you most like to visit on your travels or an expedition?

I’ve done a lot of exploring in the UK, so next on the list is to cast the net slightly wider and explore more of Europe. Then, the world! Anything that didn’t involve flying.

If you could live in another country where would you pick?

I think Scandanavia is pretty cool. They seem to have things right there.