My Three tips to a long and healthy life

As a slighter older athlete, keeping fit and healthy the older i get is more and more important,  there are 3 things that i feel keep me in top condition for a long and healthy life, and i think is good advice whatever the age or pursuit you do.


The great unsung hero of fitness (health as well of course). If it’s a great platform for sprinting and pole vaulting, it’s a great platform for anything. 1-2 hours once or twice a week, striding out, perfect. Or 30 min’s/day. Whatever.


It loosens off tension in the whole body; it builds a platform of strength in all foot, leg, bum, abdominal and lower back muscles without threatening them at any one moment. Non impact on knees and hips, the two biggies. That platform allows you to do so much more of other stuff, rather than less of everything. It keeps you operating at a higher level across life in general. Added bonus is you put the world to rights and feel good. Proper shoes / trainers of course.


Walking in BAM

Specifically for runners. We lose ballistic strength because that ‘tautness’ has gone. No springiness.

I see it everywhere in Masters athletics. That ‘bounce’ goes. Skipping – on mats to save the joints – is a non threatening, low level plyometric or ballistic strengthener.

It gives you that bounce back in your stride, just a bit. 10 min’s is a lot. 5 x 2 min’s. Or whatever you can do.

BAM Runner


As you get older, everything starts to slacken off; muscles, tendons, etc. You slump and get stiff as opposed to being ‘taught and elastic’. Like a screw coming loose eventually rattles around and causes trouble.

Pilates tightens everything up a bit, in a non impact, non threatening way.

BAM Pilates

Forget pole vaulting, these three are a blueprint for a long and healthy life, in my humble view. I couldn’t help but share.

If you have any thoughts, additions or caveats, please share, I’ll add our combined wisdom to anyone interested when we launch the new collection.