The fitness diaries of a 49-year-old has-been

After a few weeks of slothfulness I’ve begun to build momentum and have just re-joined a boxing class I used to enjoy. I don’t like punching people and getting punched is even lower on my priority list but learning the skill and art of boxing is fascinating. In the context of fitness, it’s much more about learning movement and occupying the mind whilst you get fit. It’s a great environment, honest and supportive. It really helps to keep the bounce in your legs as well as all-round conditioning. The slightly awkward thing, especially in the first few visits – in a group environment – is preserving the commitment to always leave something in the tank, never push to the limit. It’s an unfortunate maxim to staying injury free in your late forties and beyond.  Especially in a boxing environment where you don’t really want to be a lightweight.

However, given that boxing is all about discipline and self-control, it was refreshing but unsurprising to find an implicit understanding within a group of what an individual needs to do for the best. So, when I dipped out of a 6-minute weighted arm circling gig in favour of skipping, fully understood. Nice bunch, boxers. I can recommend it, male and female alike.