Plymouth Half Marathon

Bam Gemma Accepting Reward 5k Plym Run Bamboo Clothing

After a stormy night in Plymouth the sun decided to come out for the Plymouth Half Marathon where the BAM team came out in force!

This year we were the official clothing partner of the Plymouth Half Marathon which also incorporated a 5k and 10k alongside the Half Marathon race.

First off was Pat from the creative team as he put his body through the longest event of the day the gruelling half marathon.

Pat was soon followed by the BAM 10k runners – Alex from returns, Neil and Alice from the warehouse team and Liz from marketing. Alice made her debut over the 10k which is a big achievement taking that first step into the unknown as running for many can be intimidating and a mental battle from gun to tape.

Bam Gemmas Blog Team Photo Plym Run Bamboo Clothing

Liz the hardcore triathlete managed a 10k PB getting under the 1hr mark after taking minutes off her time from the Kendal 10k which we took part in in November 2021. Neil also clocked a time of 49 minutes.

Last off was Rob and I, Rob from the marketing team and myself from the product team, this was Robs debut over the 5k where he clocked a time of 35 minutes, a smashing result for his first road 5k.

Myself on the other hand was after the win and a sub-17-minute 5k which is what I achieved; however, I did not realise what was yet to come. The course had a very fast first mile which was down hill and flat until the front 5k runners collided with the back on the 10k runners.

Bam Gemmas Blog Pat Robin Bamboo Clothing
Bam Gemmas Blog Liz Gemma Jumping Plym Run Bamboo Clothing

The halfway turning point for the 5k was a hair pin bend which meant that we were cutting up the back end 10k runners where we had to change direction on the course, this was not ideal from a racing perspective, but it was very amusing listening to the various runner’s moan and groan whilst we were diverted.

By mile 3 I managed to pick off the leading men but one and by this point we hit the long hill home, I went from feeling amazing to feeling like I am running through sludge. When the pain starts to increase in the later part of the race my mantra is ‘when you think you’re done you’re not done’, so instead of giving into the pain I try to push through the pain!

As you reach the peak of the hill the home straight is in your sight where the last 100m is flat, I managed to get the sub 17 (16.52) and 1st female position but I remained in 2nd behind the front man.

Bam Gemmas Blog Pointing At Plym Run Bamboo Clothing

Talking about the pain of running, most people cannot comprehend this mentality of pushing through when everything feels like it wants to give up, but it takes time to be able to reach new levels of pain.

Athletes do not wake up fit they grind year in year out constantly having to work on this get it done, push through mentality to sometimes plateau or only take a second off their time.

Bam Gemmas Blog Finish Line Bamboo Clothing 1

I always take my hat off to some one who I see on the street trying to run even when they are not the most natural. Events like the Plymouth Half Marathon make the sport fun, and you have a sense of camaraderie, the reason why I started running in the first place at club level.

Brands like BAM do not just develop sustainable active wear they also have a sense of community, we are like a family. We celebrate everyone’s micro goals, and we certainly achieved our micro goals in Plymouth.

Bam Gemmas Blog Holding Trophy Bamboo Clothing

What event will you see us at next? Keep your eyes peeled as we will be back and we may bring you some more specific running items – the future for events and innovation at BAM is bright, stay tuned!

BAM Kit the Team was wearing:

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