The fear of Ponging

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Do you cancel your run because your base layer is in the wash? 

Does a fear of ponging stop you exercising? Is your favourite base layer always in the wash? 

You’re not alone.  

We surveyed 2000 people on their fear of smelling and the results are startling and shows what we need to do. Come on Britain, it’s time to Dare to Wear Longer! 

Half of our survey wash their activewear after every single wash. As a quarter exercised at least four times a week and a third at least once a week that’s a heck of a lot of laundry. 32% of our survey wash their activewear every time even though it doesn’t smell.  

And sadly, worrying about whiffing means that 29% don’t exercise as strenuously as they’d like and 26% don’t exercise as often as they’d like. There’s even a regional skew of Londoners caring the most and those in the South West the least. 

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Don’t get in a sweat about sweat 

The solution is simple. Just wear activewear that doesn’t get smelly. If that sounds like a tall order, don’t sweat it, it’s time to discover bamboo-based fabrics.  

BAM makes supersoft activewear from bamboo and other planet-friendly fibres. One of the best things about our fabric is that it’s highly absorbent. That means the moisture (or sweat) doesn’t sit on the surface of the fabric. So the bacteria can’t get to it and it doesn’t get smelly.  

But don’t take our word for it. Find out what a independent expert thinks.

We put ourselves to the test working with an independent fabric expert, a PT and a group of exercisers to test out how bamboo viscose compared to cotton and polyester. We’ve called it the Pong Index. If you want to free yourself from the laundry basket and exercise without worrying about sweat, it’s essential reading.  

So what are you waiting for? Try our BAM activewear, test your tops, shorts, underwear and even your socks and see how long you can go before needing to wash them!