Snowdonia – an early morning adventure.

3 am wake up, make a flask of tea, some toast and layer up.

Lower down in Llanberis the temperature is 2 degrees so we allow for base layers, leggings, and windproof clothing to prepare us for chillier temperatures at the summit. Dave opts for bamboo base layer running leggings, with the athletic bamboo shorts over the top. The snugness of the hood will be handy later on. Layering up shorts over leggings is a great way of keeping the hamstrings, buttocks, and hips warm. On top, he wears the long sleeve bamboo hoody with a base layer underneath.

Helen needs a few more layers than Dave as she doesn’t cope very well with the cold. She wears the Enduro bamboo deep waistband 3/4 leggings in Field floral blue underneath her outer trousers ready to unveil for the sunrise and warmer temps on the way down. For her top layers, she starts with the Scoop back bamboo crop top in pink underneath the Bamboo Infini-T followed by the long sleeve back detail bamboo top adding cream on top with the Easy Sweat Bamboo cover up jumper in cinnamon! This is a sure recipe for warmth and comfort whilst heading into those cooler temperatures with the added flexibility of of the lightness of the garments means they don’t feel too heavy against the skin.

At 3.30am we leave. Head torches have full battery life.

We’d already decided to take the Llanberis path to the summit, partly because this is where we are staying but mainly because it’s a steady path underfoot, which if your new to night hiking is a good idea. Whilst it’s a longer and less enduring route physically, it’s steady and gradual. This does mean that you need to allow a little more time to reach the summit for sunrise. However under the dark reserve, it’s a very rewarding route indeed, plus it means we can stop and take photographs along the way.

We take on a fairly brisk pace to begin so that we can spend more time higher up playing with our cameras.

We have a camera each, some lighting and backpacks.

It is so peaceful. This is the busiest mountain in the UK, so to have the paths to ourselves with a few other head torches in the distance is such a delight.

Us, the sheep, birdsong and the stars.

It is so quiet, we talk, we experience the hike in a very different way. Rather than looking out over the vistas we find ourselves spotting shooting stars, snow and looking out for the path edges.

It takes about 3 hours to reach a position close to the summit, we have 20 minutes to spare so we start capturing the light creeping in over the horizon.

It begins to change very quickly.

6.15 am  We approach the summit and are met with several other like-minded early risers.

We even have a chance to play on the trig point, taking photographs of us standing on the very top of Wales.

The light is pink, purple, blue and then orange.

Suddenly the sun starts to rise.

In the distance we watch the bright circular, glowing light of the sun rise through the mist. We look around the see everyone is fixed on the same point.

It rises quickly so we take more photographs, but now the wind chill is minus 12 and our fingertips are freezing.

Sitting with our tea and toast we take a few moments.

This feels so special.

Then we begin to chat with another hiker. This is the first guaranteed day of the season with clear and fairly still conditions (although it is windy at the top) and we share our tales of hiking whilst behind us, we see the cast of Snowdon’s great shadow playing out over towards Anglesey and the Irish Sea.

The light stays golden for some time as we decide to pack up and start making our way back down.

We opt to take the Minors track back to the Pen-y-Pas car park.

As we begin to descend we can finally start stripping back the layers some.

It’s so refreshing to be hiking through these hills in such vibrant colours, whilst everyone seems to be in black or dark colours, Helen displays bold and playful prints with her leggings and jumper.

As we got lower down we decided to play around by the lakes. It’s such a beautiful spot for a picnic, whether you’re going the full way to the summit or just heading out on the lower paths. The reflections from the mountain range surround us. It’s idyllic.

10.30am after meandering back to the car park we finally finish our walk. You could do this part much more quickly than us but we stopped often to take more photographs because the light was perfect.

This was such a special moment for us to share together. With a young family it’s not very often we get to do these things. We will continue to cherish this day for a long time to come.

Helen Roscoe Snowdonia

Participation in Life – A sunrise hike up to the Snowdon summit.


Under the canopy of the start-lit sky,

dark and steady,



And then, a light breaks through,

dark turns into violet.

It mesmerises as light slowly gathers on the horizon.


Venturing towards the summit with minutes to spare,

we played, we gazed and we sat



As the sun rose

casting its warm, golden hues across the landscape.

Friendly and enticing,

unaffected by anything.


Simply being …



It is breathtaking,


We leave feeling open and receptive,

connected and spacious.


To be present.

To remain.



Arising in its full glory,

Stable and yet easeful,

Peaceful and powerful.


Participation in life


One of the great thing about the Enduro bamboo deep waistband 3/4 leggings is that they feel very secure and comfortable in their fit.

They are warming from the inside out! Plus it is so refreshing to be wearing such a vibrant print. In the preparation for summer, it’s great to wear a cropped leggings and the high waistband feels just lovey around the hips and core.

They are ideal for hiking, running, yoga and heading to the gym.

I’ve been wearing the Scoop back bamboo crop top for yoga, hiking, running and being in the gym. It’s very supportive and the fit is really flattering on the back.

Piece this with the long sleeve back details bamboo top and you’re on to a winner. It’s so nice on a warm, sunny day to have the airiness of the back detail combined with the lightness of the fabric and then the detail of the splash of colour coming from underneath with the sports bra.

I love wearing it and have pieced it together with casual clothes as well as yoga wear, elegant and flattering this will be a staple in my wardrobe for the rest of the season.

There are a couple of garments I simply cannot get enough of! The first being Easy Sweat Bamboo cover up jumper in cinnamon. This colour jumps out as we move into the summer everywhere from the sunbursts to the blossoming flowers, why not step out and be vibrant once in a while? I love the fit, the shape and the snugness on the inside, plus its always a nice touch to have pockets! Not too heavy but warm enough to take the chill off on a cool day.

I wear it with leggings, yogi trousers, jeans and shorts. It’s a great all-round addition to my wardrobe. Place the Infini-T underneath and you have the added warmth and fit of a practical t-shirt which provides extra comfort around the top of the thighs and capped of sleeves for a really flattering look.

As a Yogi, I love harem pants or any kind of tapered jogger, the very first item I purchased from Bamboo some time ago was the Raja Bamboo pants and I still wear them all the time. They are any yogi’s must-have item! Light, flexible and flattering I would wear them every day if I could! 😉


No matter the weather, I usually hike in shorts. It gives me the freedom to move quickly, in any direction and I can scramble easily when required.

However, with a 3 am wake up call I opted for the bamboo tights base layer with shorts over the top to keep the key leg muscles warm and ready for a tough mornings work.

Temperature control and breathability were well proven going from a slightly chilly start, freezing winds at the top and a sunny climb down, not once did I feel the need to remove them and the shorts had a quality thickness and handy pockets for holding lens caps.

The lightweight long sleeved bamboo hoody also proved to be a winner keeping me warm, wicked moisture away with ease whilst having a soft and smooth quality. The hood definitely came in useful protecting me from the wind and sun and the thumb loops kept my hands snug.

I will be using all these items again on my next hiking expedition as well as local fell running in the Peak District.

Everyone needs a go-to hoody which guarantees you thickness, softness and warmth and this Bamboo zip through hoody ticks those boxes with ease. Really comfortable and great on the skin, I’ve hardly been out of it! The Air Bamboo Polo shirt is obviously not as thick as the hoody but it’s just as soft and warm and was perfect for a windy beach day with the kids.

Lightweight, breathable (helpful for the sheer amount of beach kit required that’s needed to be carried from the car park to the beach) and stylish it’s a no-brainer for an active day out with the family.