Bamboo Bottoms Clothing Review 2021 by Helen Roscoe

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Photography By: David Rutter

“Clothes could have more meaning and longevity if we think less about owning the latest or cheapest thing and develop more of a relationship with the things we wear”

Elizabeth L. Cline

A little background story…  
I’ve always lived an active lifestyle, from being a young girl wanting to run as fast as my mum (she was an Olympic athlete!) to studying and competing as a track athlete at Loughborough University (where it was acceptable to wear lycra to go food shopping!). Then at the age of 35 having become a mother for the first time I qualified as a yoga teacher.   At every corner of my life there has been a love and motivation to be fit and healthy. What this looks and feels like over time has most definitely changed for me, but there is still an affinity for being well; both physically and emotionally.

Now, my reasons for being well are more about looking after myself so that I can be there for my young children, and have enough energy to be able to fuel my own needs not only through yoga but as a photographer, avid walker, swimmer and runner. At each stage of my life there has been some degree of having to wear the right kind of clothes for the right kind of activity. For a lot of time growing up there wasn’t much choice, it was lyrca and sportswear that dominated my wardrobe!

When I was a competitive athlete I always wanted to have a kit sponsor, with one of the big names out there; Nike, Adidas, Asics – just any brand to help me on my way as a young, aspiring athlete. I did receive some support over the years thanks to the National Lottery and local authorities which helped me massively. Fast forward to now, aged 41, a parent and creative practitioner offering small, community based yoga classes in my home town and teaching weekly yoga classes online I find myself supported by Bamboo Clothing; a UK active lifestyle clothing brand whose purpose is to be impact positive by 2030.

Bamboo Clothing are a young brand in the whole scale of things (established in 2006) but they are leading the way when it comes to environmental goals and are finding their global community who care about the planet and the impact of fast fashion. A brand that sits well within some of my core values.   BAM have asked me to try and test their women’s bottoms range which are, as you will find out, very multi-functional. Something that for me is so important, especially when there are many things I like to do. Equally though it is important to me that what I wear does suit my body type, that way I can step out feeling a little more confident in myself.

Yoga bottoms, yoga pants, leggings, joggers…
which is right for me?   Having the right pair of bottoms for the right activity can be a big decision. There are many important factors to consider such as: fit, sizing, material, use, ethics and cost. I have reviewed and tested 7 pairs of the women’s Bamboo Clothing’s bottoms range including leggings, joggers and yoga bottoms/yoga pants which I hope will inspire you into making the right choice for you, your needs, body shape, style and your personality.

Enduro Bamboo Capri Leggings

Wearing Mulberry size 8

Use: A multi-functional legging, perfect for warmer days. My preference for this capri legging is running, hiking and home workouts. Also useful for yoga, pilates cycling, just generally being active on a sunny day. Could also be worn as a base layer.

Fitting / Sizing: Capri length – cuts off just below the knee or could be a good option for 3/4 length for petite sizes. Deep waistband.

Size range: 8-18

Cost: £44 rrp

Uniqueness: Perfect option for the summer, very multi-functional in use, non-see through, supportive fabric, sculpted support and no baggy knees. Range of wonderful plain colours and patterns and super handy little waist pocket.

Enduro Bamboo Capri LeggingsEnduro Bamboo Capri Leggings

High waist 7/8 Enduro Bamboo Leggings

Wearing Eventide Print, size 8

Use: A multi-functional year-round legging. My preference for the Enduro legging is again running, hiking, walking, yoga, pilates and home workouts. I would also wear these as a general legging pieced with a plain top.

Fitting / Sizing:  high waistband, ankle length, or full length for a petite size.

Size range: 8-18

Cost: rrp £55

Uniqueness: The patterns in the Enduro 7/8 range are so vibrant and perfect for those days when I want to step out in something bold and colourful, but equally there are plain colours for when we feel like being a little more subtle. This is a great fitting legging for me. I have a straight waist and so anything that gives me a waist is always a bonus. Also handy key pocket on waist seem. Naturally anti-static, cool, dry and absorbant. So, I would use these leggings year round across many uses. A sculpted fit for days when in need of a little more support.


Grace Bamboo Yoga Pants

Wearing granite marl, size 10.

Use: A multi-functional, super soft yoga pant or loungewear staple item. My preference for the Grace Bamboo Yoga Pant is for practising yoga, and for when I want to feel comfortable working from home. I would even wear them on the school run! These are great for layering up under when teaching yoga also.

Fitting / Sizing:  Flattering fit with soft waistband, harem style tapered at the ankle with deeper cough for warmth. Comfortably loose.

Size range: 8-16

Cost: rrp £44

Uniqueness: I love these harem-style trousers! Soft, stretchy, breathable fabric with a loose fit to enable freedom of movement and comfort during yoga and relaxation. Supportive thickness around ankles and waistline is also very comforting. They are the perfect bottoms for days when I have my period and want to feel cosy and comfortable in my body. Pockets are a nice added touch along with the 200gsm thickness for additional warmth. These bottoms are suitable for early pregnancy.

Grace Bamboo Yoga PantsGrace Bamboo Yoga Pants

Revel Bamboo Yoga Pants

Wearing Evergreen, size 8

Use: Spring/summer loungewear, yoga, walking and everyday use for warmer days.

Fitting / Sizing: 3/4 fit to the calf, deep ribbed waistband, taper into the calf with cuff.

Size range: 8-16

Cost: rrp £44

Uniqueness: These are also a pair of bottoms that I just love from the latest BAM bottoms collection. You can tell I’m a sucker for soft, loose fit clothing which for me is perfect for practising yoga and over the coming months I will be stepping out in these evergreen yoga pants on a regular basis. The fit really suits my straight down waistline and the tapered cut gives me shape. They have a tighter fit and lighter fabric (bamboo cotton ‘air fabric’) to the Grace yoga pant.

Revel Bamboo Yoga PantsRevel Bamboo Yoga Pants

Stance Bamboo 3/4 Yoga Pants

Wearing Purple Aster, size 8

Use: Spring/summer loungewear, yoga, gym wear, walking and everyday use for warmer days.

Fitting / Sizing: Capri style 3/4 with deep, double layer wrap-over on the waistband, tapered cuff just below the knee.

Size range: 8-16

Cost: rrp £44

Uniqueness: Somewhere across between a legging and a loose fit yoga pant, these capri style stance yoga pants are a fab in between option. They provide similar support around the waistline to leggings and at the top of the calves, but then allow for a little more freedom of movement around the knees and thighs. Absorbent, soft fabric so ideal for workouts or daywear depending on your preferred use.

Stance Bamboo 3/4 Yoga PantsStance Bamboo 3/4 Yoga Pants

Poise Bamboo Yoga Pants

Colour not available, wearing size 8

Use: Ideal for yoga, pilates, loungewear and for layering up over base layers.

Fitting / Sizing: Harem style, fold over waistband, loose fit around the legs with fitted ankle cuffs.

Size range: 8-16

Cost: rrp £44

Uniqueness: I enjoy wearing the Poise bottoms for yoga in particular because they are incredibly comfortable and warm. The ankle cuff means the trousers don’t slip during movement and the looseness of the fabric means I can move and breathe comfortably throughout without any restrictions. I also feel the fold-over waistband provides an extra little hug around the belly. These bottoms are suitable for early pregnancy.

Poise Bamboo Yoga PantsPoise Bamboo Yoga Pants

Cuillin Bamboo Sweatpant

Wearing Fig, size 8

Use: Something for all seasons, ideal for loungewear, walks or layering up over base-layers to head to the gym. Useful for keeping warm during relaxation, meditation or restorative yoga.

Fitting / Sizing: Slimline jogger with room to move, tapered leg and stretch-knit waistband allows for a flattering fit.

Size range: 8-16

Cost: rrp £55

Uniqueness: Made from supersoft bamboo and organic sweat with a brushed inner means these joggers are unbelievably comfortable and hold their shape well too. I love the details around the ankle, waistband and side pockets. They are a heavier duty fabric (285gsm) and are suitable year round.

Cuillin Bamboo SweatpantCuillin Bamboo Sweatpant

All of the above bottoms are made from a combination of sustainable bamboo crop, organic cotton and a small percentage of elastane for shape and fit. Bamboo material means it is incredibly absorbent and acts as a temperature regulatory – this helps to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the winter!


A reflection of you

Being a yoga teacher primarily I find it is important to wear clothing that I can move and breathe freely in. Therefore I tend to be more drawn towards the harem and looser cut styles of bottoms with the Grace and Revel yoga pants being my preference. If it is support and structure I’m after then I would opt for the Enduro high waistband 7/8 legging, along with an opportunity to wear either of these across a whole range of both outdoor and indoor movement based activities as well as everyday use.

Whatever your chosen activity, it doesn’t really matter what the name of a certain product may be ie. just because something is labelled ‘yoga pants’ does not mean this is the expectation of what you should wear in order to practice yoga. No, instead think about clothing that will be right for us, across the range of activities and lifestyle choices we make, that feels good against our skin and suits our unique shape, size and personality. This will make all the difference to how we feel about ourselves when we put them to use.

Wearing clothing that is a reflection of us and our needs will not only support our movement, but it will provide us with an uplift in mood and confidence too!

An ethical choice

Develop a relationship with this multi-faceted brand and you will change the way you think about fashion and your relationship with it.

I’d like to present Bamboo Clothing as a multi-functional, sustainable active-wear brand who literally have something for everyone and almost every kind of activity. If you are seeking the perfect pair of yoga bottoms or pants, gym wear or loungewear then you can’t go wrong by choosing to invest in them as a brand. If you are looking for bottoms that support your active lifestyle, then take your pick. There is something for almost everyone’s body shape and fit.

You can see in my review above that the Bamboo bottoms range is very multi-functional, which for many of us is what we want. It is also encouraging to see Bamboo Clothing embrace their social responsibilities and invest in sustainability, cutting-edge recycled clothing and low impact denim! Their partnership with Sharewear clothing scheme means they are also helping to support and raise awareness for clothing poverty in the UK.

And you can make a difference here too by donating your unwanted clothing, in good, wearable condition to charities like Sharewear so that those who are marginalised and affected by clothing poverty in the UK can empower themselves by having the right kind of clothes for whichever activity they choose.

Read the full BAM story here and find out how to take care of your Bamboo clothing along with their sizing recommendations by reading their washing and size guide.

BAM discount code

Get 15% off non-sale items with ‘HELEN15’ at to make your purchases a little more affordable!

Practice Yoga with me

I teach weekly online classes through Zoom along with a new in-person group class schedule in my home town of Marple, Stockport. You can also practice yoga with me on YouTube which is host to over 20 different practices and every Friday on BAM’s IGTV channel you’ll find me guiding a live yoga practice @bamboo_clothing instagram account at 9am.

Help me to raise money for Sharewear by joining me for a special Summer Solstice event on the 19th June; Pause for the Sun. Find out more. 

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Thank you so much for being here and I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Helen X

Photographer – Artist – Teacher – Explorer – Mother 

Helen began teaching yoga in 2014 and has been a professional photographer since 2007. Her background in the arts and as a full-time athlete means she has a unique take on movement and creativity.

With an MA in photography, she has a keen eye on capturing life and documenting it to its fullest. From portraiture to the environment her relationship to photography inspires where she decides to explore yoga and vice versa. She’s a proud Ambassador for BAM.