The Pole Vaulting Diaries

After a mediocre performance at the World Masters Athletics Championships a couple of weeks ago, I had my last competition of the summer at the weekend, a pole vaulting extravaganza at Sutton, indoors. I’ve actually forgotten how to pole vault, which is perplexing. Normally you have some ability to work the vault whilst in the middle of it, correct things as you go, all in that 1.5 seconds airborne. Currently I have no such ability. When one falls into a rut, change is needed. Otherwise you keep repeating the same thing, vaguely hoping for a different result. So I’m going to do a lot more high bar work, more drills to break down the gymnastic element. I currently feel like a sack of potatoes attached to the pole, so perhaps my lack of conditioning this year is coming home to roost. I’m a big fan of ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it’. But it’s broke, so time to fix it… Whatever the endeavour is, evolving and keeping it fresh keeps us engaged and fresh.