The Pole Vaulting Diaries

As promised, a report on this week’s World Masters Athletics Championships in Spain. As I suspected, my own performance was poor, coming 8th in the men’s pole vault. Sadly, I have no video of my mediocrity after falling into a river and ruining my phone. It’s for the best, trust me. 🙂 There were the usual humbling performances, I’m always lost in wonder at how fast 70-year olds can run. And here’s the big news, they’ve been doing a study over a period of years involving masters athletes from around the world and it turns out that doing exercise brings you a longer and healthier life. You heard it here first….

Thought for today…. Tuesday, (my pole vault, men’s final) was one of those days when you feel like giving up. “what’s the point?”. On Wednesday morning I had a long chat with Wolfgang Ritte, world champion and record holder in the over 65’s, about his training and how he stays fit. Today I have a plan for the future. But this isn’t about me, it’s about us all, having those moments where you feel like giving up on something you know deep down is good. I think you must acknowledge the reasons you feel that way, grieve the moment and then find a way around it.  ‘Adapt and overcome’ – Because I believe, holidays and breaks aside, if you’re not striving for something, you’re not living. The striving can be fun, but there must be a purpose. Just my view.