The Pole Vaulting Diaries

News just in… This week I was in Turkey for the European Masters Athletics Championships where I actually won – in the over 45’s category. I’ve never won anything significant before (with all due respect to the organisers of the Wyndsley Games Open, 1995).                                         


It just goes to show that if at first you don’t succeed, wait a few decades until everyone else either can’t run anymore, or has lost interest, and you will eventually get somewhere. So, very excited to be the new European over 45 pole vault champion, with the above caveats, of course. I got a few silvers and bronzes over the years but never actually won anything.

A fellow British competitor in the Women’s over 55 Pole Vault was wearing BAM sports shorts to compete in. Was I was torn between reporting her to management for not wearing GB kit and being proud she chose BAM.  Now I wonder?