How To Live A Long & Healthy Life?

There are a lot of very well informed people buying BAM. Here is the gist of the combined wisdom on the subject of all BAM customers, I especially recommend the video.

Absolutely right.  Very occasionally a research paper confirms all you say, but they are few simply because there is scant funding. If any pharmaceutical agent produced such huge benefits it would be a ‘blockbuster’” Jack M.

“Walking is definitely the best exercise and I spend a lot of my professional life urging people to do it more (I’m a cardiologist). If you haven’t seen this video, watch it now!”[youtube]

Don’t forget your basics:
  • 1. Squats  
  • 2. Lunges
  • 3. Push ups
  • 4. Dips (use a chair)
  • 5. Pull ups (use a desk / table)
  • 6. Burpees
  • 7. V-sit ups
Do each exercise for *insert suitable time for you* nonstop, rest 15 seconds in between, equals 1 set.  Up to 3 sets but 1 is great.  “Best done at start of day, gets you fired up.”  David A

“I agree but would suggest yoga in place of Pilates – which you would expect given I am a yoga instructor. However I think yoga has three key wins over Pilates – first up there are multiple types of yoga and therefore it is easy to find the right one for you. Whether you need a gentle/rehabilitative class or a fast paced flow class, you will find a workout you can enjoy.

Personally I would be bored in Pilates or a more static style of yoga but I love the pace and energy of Ashtanga yoga – which has a cardio element, builds strength as well as flexibility and burns more calories too. You can also find the class with the right vibe, from serious traditional classes to fun modern classes with no chanting on. Secondly yoga has a much wider range of poses and flow yoga is also more physically challenging so gives a better overall workout rather than focusing primarily on the back and core.

And finally yoga also has a mental focus, an element not found in other types of exercise, meaning there are extra benefits for calming and focusing the mind and de-stressing the body. It can also have a philosophical or even spiritual impact, for those so inclined.”Helena, Yoga Convert.

I guess the lesson is we are always learning!  I also forgot to mention stretching.  Above a certain age we become incrementally less flexible and -bit by tiny bit – our range of movement around any given joint reduces, so ultimately for example we end up shuffling instead of walking.   So we do less.  So we can do less and so it goes on.  By retaining good flexibility, especially around the hips, we maintain our ability to do stuff, which is fundamental.

Why do I think I have a valid view here?  A degree in Sports Science (a 3rd class one, so actually it doesn’t really count), a lifetime in sport / expeditioning and a long held interest in staying very active for decades after I hit 40 all help.  But this is only my humble point of view, discard as you see fit…. But walking is the daddy.