Yoga pants or yoga leggings: which is right for you?

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Yoga clothing should free you up not just physically but mentally too. There are enough distractions in life without having to worry about your clothes.

We love yoga leggings and we love yoga pants. Which is right for you? Here are the things to consider:

Do you want a firm fit at the waist? Leggings will be fitted at the waist. You might like the firm support of our Enduro bamboo deep waistband leggings or the lighter touch of our 360 degree stretch seamless leggings. Yoga pants are less firm at the waist but again, you have options. Our Grace yoga pants have a double-thickness waistband if you want a bit of support. Our Poise pants have a soft fold over waist so you can adjust it to give you as much coverage over your tummy as you want. The mock wrapover style of the Stance pant waistband is incredibly comfortable and comforting.

Which offers the best freedom of movement? You want to avoid restrictive clothing so you either need a loose fit or plenty of stretch. The close fit of leggings can feel comforting and while you can expect them to stay put throughout your practice, they shouldn’t feel tight. Because they are supportive, we use 12% elastane in our Enduro leggings so you can move easily. With yoga pants, the fabric is looser and many practitioners like this sense of freedom – they really do have a barely there feel.

Are they opaque? One of the concerns with leggings is that they can be a little see-through. We created our truly opaque Enduro leggings for just this reason. Yoga pants avoid this problem altogether as the fabric isn’t tight against your body.

Will they stay put when I’m in a pose? Most of our yoga pants gather in at the ankle or knee so that whatever your post, they’ll stay put. If you prefer a shorter leg, our three-quarter length Stance pants have a relaxed capri style with a wide double layer cuff that fits just below the knee.

Which fabrics are best? Natural breathable fibres will give you a more comfortable practice. We work with bamboo viscose because it’s not only breathable but incredibly soft. It’s also absorbent so even in a warming practice it will help you regulate your temperature.

Are leggings or yoga pants better for certain types of yoga? There’s no right or wrong. It’s all personal preference. For restorative classes, yoga pants can feel more relaxing and comforting, especially in supersoft bamboo viscose. For more dynamic classes like Ashtanga or Vinyasa, lightweight leggings from our seamless range give you 360 degree stretch.

Do they work as part of my everyday wardrobe? As loungewear becomes part of our day-to-day look, the joy of yoga pants is that you can move from your mat and on into your day (our yoga pants even have pockets).

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