The Pole Vault Diaries – Master Athletics Championships

Summer’s pretty much done, but the last hurrah for me is the World Masters Athletics Championships which have already started in Malaga Spain.  I compete on Tuesday, now in the over 50’s, no longer the over 45’s.  I think I’m still in denial over turning 50 but arriving to the start line actually able to pole vault is something of a victory.  I suspect it’s the closest I’ll get to any kind of victory this time round!
Don’t ask a Masters athlete how he/she is, you’ll never get away….  I’m just happy to be jumping, I’ll video the best I can muster and post it next time, perhaps along with some truly inspirational ‘best in the world’ attempts from other age groups.  I’m always inspired to watch older athletes, it gives me hope 🙂
I jumped yesterday, tried off 16 steps, my last practice session.  A full run up ought to be 18.  I didn’t have the legs. When you arrive at the take off point and find yourself unable to leap because you’re running too fast for your leg power to handle the ‘jump’ bit, you know you’re in trouble. 14 it will have to be.  Or maybe even 12…Commonwealth Games pole vault gold medals have been won off 12 steps.  But not with my legs 🙂
Whatever you’re up to over the weekend, wishing you all the very best
The Pole Vault Diaries - Master Athletics Championships